This is a very good source of information for the preparation of construction for any structure.

1.1 Staking-out the Building
1.2 Laying the Batterboards
1.3 Formwork and Shoring
1.4 Construction Tools and Equipment
1.5 Major Part of Building
1.6 Foundation Bed
1.7 Site Investigation
1.8 Soil Mechanics
1.9 Excavation & Earthworking
1.10 Site Drainage
1.11 Slope Proteciton and Retaining Structures
1.12 Pavements

2.1 Types of Wood Framing System
2.2 Joints and Splicing
2.3 Timber Connectors
2.4 Masonry Wall
2.5 CHB Wall Construction
2.6 On-Grade Construction
2.7 Concrete Piers on Isolated Footing
2.8 Posts
2.9 Wood Floor Framing System & Floor Finishes
2.10 Wall Framing System and Wall Finishes
2.11 Ceiling Framing System & Ceiling Finishes
2.12 Wood Roof Framing System and Roofing
2.13 Wood Stairs
2.14 Doors and Accessories
2.15 Windows and Accessories
2.16 Skylight

3.1 Foundation System
3.2 Foundation Walls, Basement Construction, Cisterns
3.3 Reinforced Concrete Columns
3.4 Reinforced Concrete Floor Systems
3.5 Roof Deck
3.6 Walls and Structural Walls
3.7 Pre-stress Concrete
3.8 Pre-cast Concrete Floor System
3.9 Building Protection System

4.1 Structural Steel Shapes
4.2 Structural Steel Framing
4.3 Steel Columns and Connections
4.4 Steel Beams and Connections
4.5 Open-Web Steel Joists
4.6 Metal Decking
4.7 Steel Trusses and Rigid Frames
4.8 Structural Steel Framing System
4.9 Joining of Steel Members

5.1 Architectural Finishing Systems
5.2 Suspended Light Gauge Celing System
5.3 Raised Floor System
5.4 Light Gauge Steel Studs
5.5 Metal Clagging
5.6 Exterior

Building Construction


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