Program that carries out the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, subject to horizontal and vertical loads, for homes, buildings and civil work projects. Its use guarantees maximum analysis reliability and optimum drawing design.

The geometry of the structure can be introduced automatically. The user can personalise the design and edit the elements that have been introduced, with the on-screen support provided: numerous help options and error and warning texts. Provides very complete and precise construction drawings of the structure. CYPECAD is adapted to the latest national and international construction codes.

Metal 3D
Power, efficiency and productivity for steel, timber, aluminium and concrete structures. It has been adapted to national and international steel, timber, aluminium and concrete construction codes. The program carries out the analysis, design and check of the fire resistance of timber sections. Performs a seismic analysis of the structure (Modal Spectral Analysis) according to national and international codes. Second order effects (P-delta) are considered with wind and seismic loads.

Soil retention elements
Reinforced concrete cantilever walls. Program designed for the design and check of reinforced concrete cantilever soil retaining walls. Provides the automatic optimum design of the geometry, calculates the section reinforcement and carries out the geometric and reinforcement design of the foundation.

Embedded retaining walls. This has been developed for the design and check of generic embedded retaining walls composed of any material; reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete secant pile walls, mini pile screen and steel sheet piles. The program designs the reinforcement in the case of reinforced concrete walls.

Box culverts
Box Culverts is a program developed for the design and analysis of reinforced concrete box culverts used for underpasses, subways, and drainage works. They can be rectangular, trapezoidal or any type of polygon designed on screen, as well as being single cell or multiple cell elements.

The program can also design culverts made up of various aligned prestressed elements by defining the joints or those to be executed on site.
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    1. It is free to download for all users. For the users who are not able to download, we ship CYPE CAD Dvd to your door step.
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    Any solution?

    BTW i have Windows 8


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