Limcon V3 is a powerful aid for the design of steel connections.

Features include:

  • Checking to AISC 360, CSA S16, BS 5950, EC3, AS 4100, NZS 3404.
  • Many connection types, including bolt and weld groups.
  • Virtual reality view of connections.
  • Integrated detailing with DXF output.
  • SI metric or US customary units.
  • Professional support.
Microstran  Limcon v3.55.090511

Microstran Limcon v3.60.120403!download|500p11|1229926914|limcon.v3.60.120403.7z|17747
Password: civilEA 
Password for the update: 7860
Password (for the last link): geuit

Section Library
Section library to make LimCon Software is Full With International code. Extract downloaded file and replace "Lib" folder with the Original from C:\Limcon\

Microstran Limcon v3.60.120403  + Section Library
Download Data Fake
Installation Guide

Microstran Limcon v3.60.130320


  1. Dear sir,

    pw.7860 cannot?

    please help me

    thank in advance for your share

    Best Regard

    1. Password: 7860 is for update installation. Can you please specify the link that you download.
      Personally I tried only one link (4shred link) and it works for me.

      Anyway please specify the link that you used. I will help you then,

  2. hi
    I setup all the files but when I tried to use it gives an system error F1092 and then it closes pls help to me...

    1. What is your OS? Is it 32bit or 64bit?
      Also can you please specify the Limcon version you used?

  3. my os 64bit w7 and tried Limcon v3.60.120403

  4. Hi
    The link to website for downloading the Installation Guide does not exist any more.
    Could you please update it.

    1. Installation guide is still working. Please re-check the link.

  5. Hi
    I checked the installation link again and I get this message, "The file link that you requested is not valid."
    I have downloaded and installed V3.60 but it does not work.
    I just need to know what to do after downloads.

  6. Thanks for reporting. Installation guide had some issue in downloading. Now I re-upload the file.
    Please check.

  7. Hi
    Thanks for udating.
    I tried to install according the guidance but when it starts the program then it shows error and turns off application.
    The guidance is not very clear about some points such as:
    "2. Install @limcon3", it does not indicate if it should be installed in C:/Limcon folder or somewhere else as already by doing "1. Install limconv3_demo_au.exe in install folder" the Limcon folder is created.
    I have tried both installing "2. Install @limcon3" in C:/Limcon folder or somewhere else but still get error.
    What does he mean with "5. Now just extract all data in to the C:\Limcon\Program"? This folder is already extracted and installed in "1. Install limconv3_demo_au.exe in install folder".
    You may need to install it and write you own guidance, please.
    Thank you very much

  8. This program is grate but it does not work.
    Any idea how to get it to work?
    Guidance has been used and went through all previouse discussions but still can not get it work.

  9. To:

    I have downloaded files from all 3 No. 4Shared link but installation for program from "" require a password which has not been given (it is non of the "civilEA", "7860" or "geuit").
    I found that the system error F1092 and closing program is related to the internet connection as it checks if it has been copied or not. even if you disconnect it from internet then it asks to be connected to internet.
    My OS is Windows XP 32. This means that it has no problem.
    Please write your installation and if it was connected to internet or not (I installed all of the programs with and without internet connection but result was the same).
    So how did you get it to work for you?

  10. To:

    I hope you have not given up to instruct us to install this program after you have not replied to the comments above.
    Something is wrong with the given instruction or the cracked files.
    Please write your own instruction including which one of the 4Shared links you downloaded.

  11. Only thing I can guess is it is not working with 64-bit system at all.

  12. But mine is XP 32

  13. I give up with this program.
    It does not work.
    The problem needs to be solved otherwise it is waisting time and effert.

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot for solving us the problem.

  15. To: suntfoartetare
    Thanks, it works.

  16. Hi all, the program's expire date is 06/30/2012.
    So, to use the program after that date i set date 05/30/2012 in DateFake. And it works.

  17. before instal this program, change your windows date to 05/30/2012.
    Then instal this program. Click on datefake and set to 05/30/2012.
    it works for me.
    Admin, can you give me tutorial about this program?

  18. - Set 05/30/2012 in DateFake
    - Remember to set "Run as administrator"

  19. Systeme error 1097, in vista 32 bits, with version v3.60.120403

  20. I just intalled in 2 pc and work perfectly, but in the 3 said "System Error: F1097" any clue of the problem?

  21. The error F1097, because you are missing library, download it from the link above and unzip it in the LIB folder and it will work.

  22. I try to install "@limcon3" ,but when I type the password "civilEA" nothing happen ,I can not click the "next" botton.(I change the date already)

  23. Hi there!
    I installed the software on an x64 notebook according to the provided guide, but when I try to run it nothing happens..Could someone help me with this issue?

  24. Hello guys,

    I am finding it difficult which file to start and continue. It'll be grateful if someone could tell me the order in which i should start installing and do it orderly.

    Thanks with regards