A companion volume to the author’s Foundation Engineering (published by PHI Learning), this comprehensive and well-organized text deals with the structural design of the commonly used types of reinforced concrete foundations. It explains step-by-step procedure for the design of each type of foundation with the help of a large number of worked-out examples. The book provides an in-depth analysis of topics, such as wall footings, balanced footings, raft foundations, beam and slab rafts, pile caps and pile foundations.
The book is designed as a textbook for the undergraduate and postgraduate students (Structural/Geotechnical) of Civil Engineering. As the book deals with both the fundamentals of the subject and field practice, practising engineers will also find the book very useful.

Key Features

  • Explains IS Codes on the subject.
  • Presentation of the book is lecture-based, with each chapter dealing with one topic. This helps the teachers in their lectures.
  • Deals with modern concepts as well as empirical procedure.
  • Devotes a separate chapter to the effects of earthquakes on foundations.
  • Has a large number of diagrams to illustrate the concepts discussed.
  • Foundation Structures
  • Review of Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete
  • IS 456 Provisions for Design of Footings and Pedestals
  • Design of Centrally Loaded Isolated Footings and Column Pedestals
  • Wall Footings
  • Design of Isolated Footings with Vertical Loads and Moments
  • Combined Footings for Two Columns
  • Balanced Footings
  • Strip Footings under Several Columns
  • Raft Foundations
  • Design of Flat Slab Rafts—Mat Foundations
  • Beam and Slab Rafts
  • Compensated Foundations, Cellular Rafts and Basement Floors
  • Combined Piled Raft Foundation (CPRF)
  • Circular and Annular Rafts
  • Under-reamed Pile Foundations
  • Design of Pile Caps
  • Pile Foundations—Design of Large Diameter Socketed Piles
  • Design of Cantilever and Basement Retaining Walls 
  • Infilled Virendeel Frame Foundations 
  • Steel Column Bases  
  • Analysis of Flexible Beams on Elastic Foundation 
  • ACI Method for Analysis of Beams and Grids on Elastic Foundations 
  • Analysis of Flexible Plates on Elastic Foundations 
  • Shells for Foundations 
  • Hyperbolic Paraboloid (Hypar) Shell Foundation 
  • Design of Conical Shell Foundation 
  • Effect of Earthquakes on Foundation Structures
  • Appendix A Geotechnical Data
  • Appendix B Extracts from SP 16 for Design of Reinforced Concrete Members
  • Appendix C Steel Reinforcement Data
  • Appendix D Design Charts of Centrally Loaded Columns and Footings
  • Bibliography
Design Of Reinforced Concrete Foundations (Without Chapter 14)

Chapter 14
Design Of Reinforced Concrete Foundations - Full Book



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