2015 NASCC Presentations

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2016)
2015 NASCC Presentations
B1Bridges of the Volunteer StateEdward Wasserman, Wayne Seger
B2Award-Winning Bridge Projects in SteelJason Fuller, Jack R. Haynes, Will Watts
B3Fracture Critical Determination: Current and Future Practice, Part 1Denis Mertz, Justin Ocel
B4Fracture Critical Determination: Current and Future Practice, Part 2Robert Connor, John Holt
B5Long-Term Performance of Steel BridgesJennifer Righman McConnell, Phil Lewis
B6High-Performance Steel Bridge coating OptionsRobert Kogler
B7Topics on Fabrication and Inspection of Steel BridgesMark Bowman, Heather Gilmer
B8Behavior of Skewed and Curved Steel I-Girder BridgesRonnie Medlock, Michael Grubb
B9Steel Bridge Fabrication - Improving the State of the ArtMark Davis, Steve Duke, Karl Frank
B10New Structural Forms for Short-Span Bridge ApplicationsGregory K. Michaelson, Atorod Azizinamini, Doug Davis
C1Shop Drawings: Success & Failure - A Standard Procedure is Not Right for Every Project  Michael L. Sterling
E1Teaching Bridge Design David E. Greifzu, Ted Zoli
E2Looking Forward: Career Insights from Industry Professionals Erleen Hatfield, Andrew Hermiz, John Kennedy, Allan Olson
F1Next Generation Steel: USACE's Fort Benning Hospital Luis V. Posada Jr. Zachary Kates, Martin Miller, Jay Allen
F2Tools for Fabricators Participating in Federal ProjectsWhitney Debardeleben Jr. Angela R. Stephens, John Saul, Blake Hokisson
F3GSA Design Excellence 101Leslie Sheperd
F4Beyond BlastKevin Rodney, Lucas Nisley, Michael Pittsman, Peggy Van Eeopel, Theresa Sheils
G1Innovative Collapse Prevention for Seismic EffectsFinley A. Charney
G2Part 1: Seismic Design for Non-West Coast EngineersMichael Engelhardt
G3Part 2: Seismic Design for Non-West Coast EngineersMichael Engelhardt
G590 Seismic Design Ideas in 90 MinutesJames Malley, Rafael Sabelli, Pat Hassett
G6Current Views from Past Higgins Award Winners: Jerry HajjarJerome Hajjar
G7K Frame No More: BRBF procedures for Multi-Tier Braced FramesKimberly Robinson, Robert Tremblay
G8AISC Research: Protecting the Protected ZoneMatt Eatherton
N1Weld Details-Good, Bad & UglyDuane Miller
N2Stability Design of Steel BuildingsLawrence G. Griffs, Donald W. White
N3Current Developments in the AISC Code of Standard PracticeCharles Carter
N4Alternate Methods to Connection DesignPatrick McManus, Larry Mui
N5Blown Away: Arc Flash SafetyScott Mitchell
N6What Makes a Good Design Drawing?Rob Schoen, Darren Hartman
N7Detailing for Constructability---A Lost Art?Don Engler, Chris Fischer
N8IMPACT, The New Business Model for the Ironworker ContractorMark Thomas, David Hunt
N9Paperless IronworkerHarvey Swift
N10Working with Large Trusses Sylvie Boulanger, Collin Hughes
N11Follow the Load Path to Avoid Unfortunate ConsequencesCarol Drucker
N12Emerging Technology for the Fabricator, Erector and DetailerJacob Thomas
N13Current Development in the Bolt SpecAllen Harrold
N15Lessons I Wish I Had Known Starting OutKara Hendren, Matthew Streigd, Kieran Kelly-Sneed, Brittany Salmon, Jie Zou
N16Are the Results of My First or Second-Order Analysis Correct? Is It Me or the Software?Joshua Buckholt
N17Innovative Manufacturing of Conical Steel Tubular Towers supporting Wind Turbines Andrew Myers, Eric Smith
N18The Direct Analysis Method---Nothing but Examples! Gabriel A. Jimenez
N19Interactive Steel Quiz Larry Muir, Carlo Lini
N20Mathcad Hand Tools - Part 1Brent Maxfield
N21Mathcad Hand Tools - Part 2Brent Maxfield
N22Connections: Simple, Complex and Perplexing William W. Merrell
N23Safety: Beyond OSHA MinimumsWayne J. Creasap II
N24AISC Research: Beam-Column Bracing (Strength and Stiffness) Don White
N26Sustainability 2015: What's New with Steel and Sustainability John Cross
N27Typical Practice for Atypical (Non-Uniform) Loads on Steel Joists Tim Holtermann
N28Flexible Moment Connections Clinton O. Rex
N29Recent Developments in Design for Ponding Arvind V. Goverdhan, J.R. Ubejd Mujagic
N30The Art of Structural Drafting—Tips for Producing High-Quality Structural DrawingsThe Art of Structural Drafting-Tips for Producing High-Quality Structural Drawings
N31Achieving Economical Long Spans with Composite Truss ConstructionDavid Stevenson, Tim Verhey
N32HSS Design: New Codes and Material SpecificationsKim Olson
N33Orchestrating the Nashville Music City Center Steel Frame Bill Hanson, Jason Turk
N34Your Life Is on the Line? Best Practices for Selection, Design and Use of Horizontal Lifeline SystemsGreg Small
N35Pre-Planning Tips & Tools Steve Burkholder
N36What's Wrong with This Picture?John C. Schuepbach
N37Design and Stability of Connection ElementsBo Dowswell
N38Future Directions in Designing Bridging for Open-Web Steel JoistsRon Zeimian, Tim Holtermann
N39Effective Use of the New SDI Roof Deck Design ManualThomas Sputo, Michael Martignetti, Mike Antici
N40Learn the Tricks to Designing Joist Girder Moment ConnectionsJames M. Fisher
N41Casting Your FutureDavid Poweleit, Raymond Monroe
N42Metal Versus Metal—Who Wins the Corrosion Battle?Thomas J. Langill
N43Roof and Floor Deck Diaphragms: Behavior and DesignW. Samuel Easterling
N44Engineers: Getting the Welds You Want and NeedRobert E. Shaw
N45Birth of the Steel SkyscraperBenjamin W. Schafer
N46Of Course It's Right, It Was Done by a Computer!Mark Sencich, Kenny Rowell
N47What is the NISD?Fred Tinker, David Merrifield, John Linn, Jack Metcalf, Joel Hicks
N48All Detailers Are Not Created Equal Alden Prier
N49Best Coating Practices---How to Avoid Coating Failures Rich Burgess
N50Vertical Bracing Connections-Analysis and DesignWilliam A. Thornton, Larry Muir
N51Sustainability 2015: Understanding Life cycle Assessments Brandie Seebastian, Mark Thomas, John Cross
Q1So You Want to Be AISC Certified? Todd Alwood, Lisa Patel
Q2Quality Manuals! Where Do I Begin? John Sedlak
Q3What is the Real Value of a Quality Management System? Todd Alwood, Chris Crosby
Q4Quality and the Small Business Owner Jake Thomas, Billy Witcofski, Babette Freund
Q5Stats + Quality = Increased Overall ProductionLawrence Kruth, Mark Trimble, Bob Zaykoski
Q6How Do I Prepare for My Next AISC Audit?Lee Patza
Q7Updates to the AISC Erector Certification ProgramLisa Patel, Larry Martoff
Q9Demystifying Chapter N and the Building Code-What Every Fabricator and Erector Needs to KnowLarry F. Kruth
S1Stability of Cold Formed MembersTodd Helwig
S2Topics in Structural Stability ResearchBenjamin W. Schafer
S3Stability Under Seismic Loading ConditionsClarence Miller
S4Stability of Steel Bridge SystemsPeter Birkemoe
S5Stability at High Temperature ConditionsDonald W. White
S6Stability of Wall Systems and Diaphragm Braced BeamsPerry S. Green
S7Stability BracingDinar Camotim
S8Stability of Web Tapered Members and Castellated BeamsLeroy Lutz
S9Beedle Presentation Session: David A. NethercotBenjamin W. Schafer
S10Stability of Angles, Channels and Z-Shaped MembersDonald Sherman
S11Stability of Hollow SectionsRonald D. Ziemian
T1AISC BIMSteel InitiativesLuke Faulkner
T2An Intelligent Future: Following the 2%ersChris Moor
T3State of TechnologyBrian Cobb, Luis Torres
T4Will Technology Change Our Business Models? Part 1: Identifying the ChallengesBrian Cobb, Rob Schoen, Sean Smith, Doug Fitzpatrick, Mark Hollan, Wayne Morrison
T5Will Technology Change Our Business Models? Part 2: Debating the SolutionsBrian Cobb, Rob Schoen, Sean Smith, Doug Fitzpatrick, Mark Hollan, Wayne Morrison
T6steelXML-Changing the Way We Buy Steel ForeverMatthew Gomez
T7Managing Steel Production with a Single Data FileChris Moor
T8Lean Steel-Applying Lean Thinking to the Structural Steel Project Delivery ProcessStephen Bluemenbaum, PE, Mark Waggoner, PE, Ryan Seckinger
T9Lean Methodology-A Primer on Lean ManufacturingChris Moor
T10Improving Project Coordination through Innovation: Reaching LOD 500 on Large Capital ProjectsPaul Nunn
Z1Common Business Development Challenges Susan C. Smith
Z2The Business Case for Integrated Lean Project Delivery Howard Ashcroft Jr., David Hagan, Jason Collins
Z3Legal Primer for Project Managers David Ratterman
Z4Conflict Management & Negotiation C.J. Larkin
Z5The Art and Science of Successful Meetings Mike West
Z6Risk Management in Today's World (or Lack Thereof) William Barger
Z7The GC Perspective on the Impact of Project Delivery MethodGreg Mulac
Z8Getting Paid for Extra Work-How to Avoid the "Black Hole of Change Orders"Terry L. Salazar
Z9The Construction Market-Where to From Here?John Cross
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