ACADZ’simple AutoCAD for beginners

This document was created to help people who want to learn about AutoCAD software. It was written for beginners who have no experience with the program. When creating this document , the difficulties that may face people who are new to the program were taken into consideration, so you will notice that it was written in a format of steps to help new fellows a step by step. After finishing this document you will have a very good skills with program that will allow you to execute any drawing on it and you will be ready for the next volume of ACADZ 2016 which will have advanced skills and tools in the program.

this document contains 25 lessons containing most of the 2D commands with more than 45 lab exercises that are introduced as a step by step exercises to help people who have no experience with AutoCAD. it also contains more than 30 exercises that you can work by your self to know how good you've reached with the program.

the book is introduced with a relative low price to help you get started.


ACADZ'simple AutoCAD for beginners
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