ACECOMSGEAR v1.7 – Reinforced Concrete Design Software

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

ACECOMSGEAR v1.7 - Reinforced Concrete Design Software

Something old but very good program ACECOMSGEAR Software, is actually a collection of many small programs useful for our design work, check or in the civil engineering field.

Perform the following tasks:

A - General Utility:  Converts units, constants used in engineering, table many specific weights, calculator design loads amplified by the ACI and AASHTO.

B - Utility of Geometry and Mathematics:  Calculate geometrical properties (area, perimeter, etc) and mechanical (centroid, moments of inertia) of triangles, polygons and circles.

C - Properties of cross sections:  There are many templates for various forms of cross-sections to find almost all physical properties - geometric cross sections used in engineering.

D - Design Assistant Reinforced Concrete:  Calculate with much precision steel reinforcement beams, columns (finds the interaction diagram), determines the amplified time of design and analysis of columns according to ACI, calculates the safety factor in the buckling columns and calculate the area of different combinations of typical steel.

E - Design Assistant Reinforced Concrete slabs: Determine the structural analysis of the slabs  type flat  slab and produces steel reinforcement acceptable range of error.

F - Assistant design elements reinforced concrete foundation:  For the design of piles and footings in different situations.



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