ACI Manual of Concrete Practice 2010

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2016)

This is a full set of American Concrete Institute (ACI) Manual of Concrete Practice (MCP) 2010 Edition. It includes Index plus six (6) volumes that encompass all ACI code documents.



Part 1—ACI 117-06 to ACI 224.3R-95(08)
Part 2—ACI 225-99(05) to ACI 315-99

Part 3—ACI 318-08 to ACI 347.2R-05
Part 4—ACI 349-06 to ACI 360R-06
Part 5—ACI 362.1R-97(02) to ACI 503.7-07
Part 6—ACI 506R-05 to ACI ITG-7-09

117-06  Specifications for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materialsand Commentary, Part 1
121R-08  Guide forConcrete Construction Quality Systems in Conformance with ISO 9001, Part 1
122R-02  Guide toThermal Properties of Concrete and Masonry Systems, Part 1
126.3R-99 Reapproved 2008 Guide to Recommended Format for Concrete in Materials Property Database,Part 1
200—Materialsand Properties of Concrete
201.1R-08  Guidefor Conducting a Visual Inspection of Concrete in Service, Part 1
201.2R-08  Guide toDurable Concrete, Part 1
207.1R-05  Guide toMass Concrete, Part 1
207.2R-07  Reporton Thermal and Volume Change Effects on Cracking of Mass Concrete, Part 1
207.3R-94 Reapproved 2008  Practices forEvaluation of Concrete in Existing Massive Structures for ServiceConditions,Part 1
207.4R-05  Coolingand Insulating Systems for Mass Concrete, Part 1
207.5R-99 Roller-Compacted Mass Concrete, Part 1
209R-92   Reapproved 2008 Prediction of Creep, Shrinkage, and Temperature Effects inConcrete Structures, Part 1
209.1R-05  Reporton Factors Affecting Shrinkage and Creep of Hardened Concrete, Part 1
209.2R-08  Guidefor Modeling and Calculating Shrinkage and Creep in Hardened Concrete, Part 1
210R-93   Reapproved 2008 Erosion of Concrete in Hydraulic Structures, Part 1
211.1-91  Reapproved 2009 Standard Practice for Selecting Proportions for Normal,Heavyweight, and Mass Concrete, Part 1
211.2-98Reapproved 2004 Standard Practice for SelectingProportions for Structural Lightweight Concrete part 1
211.3R-02 Reapproved 2009 Guide for Selecting Proportionsfor No-Slump Concrete part 1
211.4R-08 Guide for Selecting Proportions forHigh-Strength Concrete Using Portland Cement and OtherCementitious Materialspart 1
211.5R-01 Reapproved 2009 Guide for Submittal of Concrete Proportions part 1
212.3R-04 Chemical Admixtures for Concrete part 1
212.4R-04 Guide for the Use of High-Range Water-ReducingAdmixtures (Superplasticizers) in Concrete part 1
213R-03 Guide for Structural Lightweight-AggregateConcrete part 1
214R-02 Evaluation of Strength Test Results of Concretepart 1
214.4R-03 Guide for Obtaining Cores and InterpretingCompressive Strength Results part 1
216.1-07 Code Requirements for Determining FireResistance of Concrete and Masonry ConstructionAssemblies part 1
221R-96 Reapproved 2001 Guide for Use of Normal Weightand Heavyweight Aggregates in Concrete part 1
221.1R-98  Reapproved2008 Report on Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity part 1
222R-01 Protection of Metals in Concrete Against Corrosionpart 1
222.2R-01 Corrosion of Prestressing Steels part 1
222.3R-03 Design and Construction Practices to MitigateCorrosion of Reinforcement in Concrete Structures part 1
223-98 Standard Practice for the Use ofShrinkage-Compensating Concrete part 1
224R-01Reapproved 2008 Control of Cracking in ConcreteStructures part 1
224.1R-07 Causes, Evaluation, and Repair of Cracks inConcrete Structures part 1
224.2R-92  Reapproved2004 Cracking of Concrete Members in Direct Tension part 1
224.3R-95 Reapproved 2008 Joints in Concrete Constructionpart 1
225R-99  Reapproved2005 Guide to the Selection and Use of Hydraulic Cements part 2
228.1R-03 In-Place Methods to Estimate Concrete Strengthpart 2
228.2R-98 Reapproved 2004 Nondestructive Test Methods forEvaluation of Concrete in Structures part 2
229R-99Reapproved 2005 Controlled Low-Strength Materialspart 2
230.1R-09 Report on Soil Cement part 2
232.1R-00 Reapproved 2006 Use of Raw or Processed NaturalPozzolans in Concrete part 2
232.2R-03 Use of Fly Ash in Concrete part 2
233R-03 Slag Cement in Concrete and Mortar part 2
234R-06 Guide for the Use of Silica Fume in Concrete part2
237R-07 Self-Consolidating Concrete part 2
238.1R-08 Report on Measurements of Workability andRheology of Fresh Concrete part 2
300—Designand Construction
301-05 Specifications for Structural Concrete part 2
SP-15(05) Field Reference Manual (Synopsis only), part 2
302.1R-04 Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Constructionpart 2
302.2R-06 Guide for Concrete Slabs that Receive Moisture-SensitiveFlooring Materials part 2
303R-04 Guide to Cast-in-Place Architectural ConcretePractice part 2
303.1-97 Standard Specification for Cast-In-PlaceArchitectural Concrete part 2
304R-00 Guide for Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, andPlacing Concrete part 2
304.1R-92   Reapproved2005 Guide for the Use of Preplaced Aggregate Concrete for Structural and Mass ConcreteApplications part 2
304.2R-96 Reapproved 2008 Placing Concrete by PumpingMethods part 2
304.3R-96 Reapproved 2004 Heavyweight Concrete:Measuring, Mixing, Transporting, and Placing part 2
304.4R-95 Reapproved 2008 Placing Concrete with BeltConveyors part 2
304.6R-09 Guide for Use of Volumetric-Measuring andContinuous-Mixing Concrete Equipment part 2
305R-99 Hot Weather Concreting part 2
305.1-06 Specification for Hot Weather Concreting part 2
306R-88 Reapproved 2002 Cold Weather Concreting part 2
306.1-90 Reapproved 2002 Standard Specification for ColdWeather Concreting part 2
307-08 Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Chimneys(ACI 307-08) and Commentary part 2
308R-01  Reapproved2008 Guide to Curing Concrete part 2
308.1-98 Standard Specification for Curing Concrete part2
309R-05 Guide for Consolidation of Concrete part 2
309.1R-08 Report on Behavior of Fresh Concrete During Vibrationpart 2
309.2R-98 Reapproved 2005 Identification and Control ofVisible Effects of Consolidation on Formed Concrete Surfaces part 2
309.5R-00 Reapproved 2006 Compaction of Roller-CompactedConcrete part 2
311.1R-07 ACI Manual of Concrete Inspection—SP-2(07) (Synopsisonly), Part 2
311.4R-05 Guide for Concrete Inspection part 2
311.5-04 Guide for Concrete Plant Inspection and Testingof Ready-Mixed Concrete part 2
311.6-09 Specification for Ready Mixed Concrete TestingServices part 2
313-97 Standard Practice for Design and Construction ofConcrete Silos and Stacking Tubes for Storing Granular Materials part 2
313R-97 Commentary on Standard Practice for Design andConstruction of Concrete Silos and Stacking Tubes for Storing GranularMaterials part 2
315-99 Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcementpart 2
SP-66(04) ACI Detailing Manual (Synopsis only), Part 2
318-08 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete(ACI 318-08) and Commentary part 3
SP-71(08) ASTM Standards in ACI 318 (Synopsis only), Part3
325.10R-95 Reapproved 2001 Report on Roller-CompactedConcrete Pavements part 3
325.11R-01 Accelerated Techniques for Concrete Pavingpart 3
325.12R-02 Guide for Design of Jointed Concrete Pavementsfor Streets and Local Roads part 3
325.13R-06 Concrete Overlays for Pavement Rehabilitationpart 3
330R-08 Guide for the Design and Construction of ConcreteParking Lots part 3
330.1-03 Specification for Unreinforced Concrete ParkingLots part 3
332-08 Code Requirements for Residential Concrete andCommentary part 3
332.1R-06 Guide to Residential Concrete Construction part3
334.1R-92 Reapproved 2002 Concrete ShellStructures—Practice and Commentary part 3
334.3R-05 Construction of Concrete Shells Using InflatedForms part 3
336.1-01 Specification for the Construction of DrilledPiers part 3
336.2R-88  Reapproved2002 Suggested Analysis and Design Procedures for Combined Footings and Matspart 3
336.3R-93 Reapproved 2006 Design and Construction ofDrilled Piers part 3
341.2R-97 Reapproved 2003 Seismic Analysis and Design ofConcrete Bridge Systems part 3
341.3R-07 Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Techniques forConcrete Bridges part 3
343R-95 Reapproved 2004 Analysis and Design of ReinforcedConcrete Bridge Structures part 3
345R-91Reapproved 2005 Guide for Concrete Highway BridgeDeck Construction part 3
345.1R-06 Guide for Maintenance of Concrete BridgeMembers part 3
345.2R-98 Reapproved 2005 Guide for Widening HighwayBridges part 3
346-09 Specification for Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe part3
347-04 Guide to Formwork for Concrete part 3
347.2R-05 Guide for Shoring/Reshoring of ConcreteMultistory Buildings part 3
SP-4 Formwork for Concrete (Synopsis only), Part 3
349-06 Code Requirements for Nuclear Safety-RelatedConcrete Structures (ACI 349-06) and Commentary part 4
349.1R-0 Reinforced Concrete Design for Thermal Effectson Nuclear Power Plant Structures part 4
349.2R-07 Guide to the Concrete Capacity Design (CCD)Method—Embedment Design Examples part 4
349.3R-02 Evaluation of Existing Nuclear Safety-RelatedConcrete Structures part 4
350-06 Code Requirements for Environmental EngineeringConcrete Structures (ACI 350-06) andCommentary part 4
350.1-01/ 350.1R-01 Tightness Testing of EnvironmentalEngineering Concrete Structures (ACI 350.1-01) and Commentary (ACI 350.1R-01)part 4
350.2R-04 Concrete Structures for Containment ofHazardous Materials part 4
350.3-06 Seismic Design of Liquid-Containing ConcreteStructures (ACI 350.3-06) and Commentary part 4
350.4R-04 Design Considerations for EnvironmentalEngineering Concrete Structures part 4
351.1R-99 Reapproved 2008 Grouting between Foundationsand Bases for Support of Equipment and Machinery part 4
351.2R-94 Reapproved 1999 Foundations for StaticEquipment part 4
351.3R-04 Foundations for Dynamic Equipment part 4
352R-02 Recommendations for Design of Beam-ColumnConnections in Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Structures part 4
352.1R-89 Reapproved 2004 Recommendations for Design ofSlab-Column Connections in Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Structures part 4
355.2-07 Qualification of Post-Installed MechanicalAnchors in Concrete (ACI 355.2-07) and Commentary part 4
357R-84 Reapproved 1997 Guide for the Design andConstruction of Fixed Offshore Concrete Structures part 4
357.2R-88 Reapproved 1997 Report on Barge-Like ConcreteStructures (Abstract only)  part 4
358.1R-92 Analysis and Design of Reinforced andPrestressed Concrete Guideway Structures part 4
359-07 Code for Concrete Containments (Synopsis only),Part 4
360R-06 Design of Slabs-on-Ground part 4
362.1R-97 Reapproved 2002 Guide for the Design of DurableParking Structures part 5
362.2R-00 Reapproved 2005 Guide for StructuralMaintenance of Parking Structures part 5
363R-92 Reapproved 1997 Report on High-Strength Concretepart 5
363.2R-98 Guide to Quality Control and Testing ofHigh-Strength Concrete part 5
364.1R-07 Guide for Evaluation of Concrete Structuresbefore Rehabilitation part 5
364.2T-08 Increasing Shear Capacity within ExistingReinforced Concrete Structures part 5
364.3R-09 Guide for Cementitious Repair Material DataSheet part 5
365.1R-00 Service-Life Prediction part 5
371R-08 Guide for the Analysis, Design, and Constructionof Elevated Concrete and Composite Steel-Concrete Water Storage Tanks part 5
372R-03 Design and Construction of Circular Wire- andStrand-Wrapped Prestressed Concrete Structures part 5
373R-97 Design and Construction of Circular PrestressedConcrete Structures with Circumferential Tendons part 5
374.1-05 Acceptance Criteria for Moment Frames Based onStructural Testing and Commentary part 5
400—ConcreteReinforcement and Structural Analysis
408R-03 Bond and Development of Straight Reinforcing Barsin Tension part 5
408.2R-92 Reapproved 2005 Bond under Cyclic Loads(Abstract only)  part 5
408.3R-09 Guide for Lap Splice and Development Length ofHigh Relative Rib Area Reinforcing Bars in Tension and Commentary part 5
421.1R-08 Guide to Shear Reinforcement for Slabs part 5
421.2R-07 Seismic Design of Punching Shear Reinforcementin Flat Plates part 5
423.3R-05 Recommendations for Concrete MembersPrestressed with Unbonded Tendons part 5
423.4R-98 Corrosion and Repair of Unbonded Single StrandTendons part 5
423.6-01/ 423.6R-01 Specification for UnbondedSingle-Strand Tendons (ACI 423.6-01) and Commentary part 5
423.7-07 Specification for Unbonded Single-Strand TendonMaterials (ACI 423.7-07) and Commentary part 5
435R-95 Reapproved 2000 Control of Deflection in ConcreteStructures part 5
435.8R-85 Reapproved 1997 Observed Deflections ofReinforced Concrete Slab Systems, and Causes of Large Deflections (Synopsisonly), Part 5
437R-03 Strength Evaluation of Existing ConcreteBuildings part 5
437.1R-07 Load Tests of Concrete Structures: Methods,Magnitude, Protocols, and Acceptance Criteria part 5
439.3R-07 Types of Mechanical Splices for ReinforcingBars part 5
439.4R-09 Report on Steel Reinforcement—MaterialProperties and U.S. Availability part 5
440R-07 Report on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP)Reinforcement for Concrete Structures part 5
440.1R-06 Guide for the Design and Construction ofStructural Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars part 5
440.2R-08 Guide for the Design and Construction ofExternally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures part 5
440.3R-04 Guide Test Methods for Fiber-ReinforcedPolymers (FRPs) for Reinforcing or Strengthening Concrete Structures part 5
440.4R-04 Prestressing Concrete Structures with FRPTendons part 5
440.5-08 Specification for Construction with Fiber-ReinforcedPolymer Reinforcing Bars, Part 5
440.6-08 Specification for Carbon and GlassFiber-Reinforced Polymer Bar Materials for Concrete Reinforcement part 5
441R-96 High-Strength Concrete Columns part 5
445R-99 Reapproved 2009 Recent Approaches to Shear Designof Structural Concrete part 5
446.1R-91 Reapproved 1999 Fracture Mechanics of Concrete:Concepts, Models and Determination of Material Properties (Abstract only), Part5
446.3R-97 Finite Element Analysis of Fracture in ConcreteStructures part 5
446.4R-04 Report on Dynamic Fracture of Concrete part 5
500—SpecializedApplications and Repair
503R-93 Reapproved 2008 Use of Epoxy Compounds withConcrete part 5
503.1-92 Reapproved 2003 Standard Specification forBonding Hardened Concrete, Steel, Wood, Brick, and Other Materials to HardenedConcrete with a Multi-Component Epoxy Adhesive part 5
503.2-92Reapproved 2003 Standard Specification forBonding Plastic Concrete to Hardened Concrete with a Multi-Component EpoxyAdhesive part 5
503.3-92 Reapproved 2003 Standard Specification forProducing a Skid-Resistant Surface on Concrete by the Use of a Multi-ComponentEpoxy System part 5
503.4-92 Reapproved 2003 Standard Specification forRepairing Concrete with Epoxy Mortars part 5
503.5R-92 Reapproved 2003 Guide for the Selection ofPolymer Adhesives with Concrete part 5
503.6R-97 Reapproved 2003 Guide for the Application ofEpoxy and Latex Adhesives for Bonding Freshly Mixed and Hardened Concretes part5
503.7-07 Specification for Crack Repair by EpoxyInjection part 5
506R-05 Guide to Shotcrete part 6
506.1R-08 Guide to Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete part 6
506.2-95 Specification for Shotcrete part 6
506.4R-94 Reapproved 2004 Guide for the Evaluation ofShotcrete part 6
506.5R-09 Guide for Specifying Underground Shotcrete part6
522R-06 Pervious Concrete part 6
522.1-08 Specification for Pervious Concrete Pavementpart 6
523.1R-06 Guide for Cast-in-Place Low-Density CellularConcrete part 6
523.2R-96 Guide for Precast Cellular Concrete Floor,Roof, and Wall Units part 6
523.4R-09 Guide for Design and Construction of AutoclavedAerated Concrete Panels part 6
524R-08 Guide to Portland Cement-Based Plaster part 6
530-08/TMS 402-08/ASCE 5-08 Building Code Requirementsfor Masonry Structures part 6
530.1-08/TMS 602-08/ASCE 6-08 Specification for MasonryStructures part 6
530R-08/TMS 402-08/ASCE 5-08 Commentary on Building CodeRequirements for Masonry Structures part 6
530.1R-08/TMS 602-08/ASCE 6-08 Commentary onSpecification for Masonry Structures part 6
533R-93Reappoved 2004 Guide for Precast Concrete WallPanels part 6
533.1R-02 Design Responsibility for ArchitecturalPrecast-Concrete Projects part 6
543R-00 Reapproved 2005 Design, Manufacture, andInstallation of Concrete Piles part 6
544.1R-96 Reapproved 2002 Report on Fiber ReinforcedConcrete part 6
544.2R-89 Reapproved 1999 Measurement of Properties ofFiber Reinforced Concrete part 6
544.3R-08 Guide for Specifying, Proportioning, andProduction of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete part 6
544.4R-88 Reapproved 1999 Design Considerations for SteelFiber Reinforced Concrete part 6
546R-04 Concrete Repair Guide part 6
546.2R-98 Guide to Underwater Repair of Concrete part 6
546.3R-06 Guide for the Selection of Materials for theRepair of Concrete part 6
548.1R-09 Guide for the Use of Polymers in Concrete part6
548.3R-09 Report on Polymer-Modified Concrete part 6
548.4-93 Reapproved 1998 Standard Specification forLatex-Modified Concrete (LMC) Overlays part 6
548.5R-94 Reapproved 1998 Guide for Polymer ConcreteOverlays part 6
548.7-04 Test Method for Load Capacity of PolymerConcrete Underground Utility Structures part 6
548.8-07 Specification for Type EM (Epoxy Multi-Layer)Polymer Overlay for Bridge and Parking Garage Decks part 6
548.9-08 Specification for Type ES (Epoxy Slurry) PolymerOverlay for Bridge and Parking Garage Decks part 6
549R-97 Reapproved 2009 Report on Ferrocement part 6
549.1R-93 Reapproved 2009 Guide for the Design,Construction, and Repair of Ferrocement part 6
549.2R-04 Report on Thin Reinforced Cementitious Productspart 6
550.1R-09 Guide to Emulating Cast-in-Place Detailing forSeismic Design of Precast Concrete Structures part 6
551.1R-05 Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Guide part 6
555R-01 Removal and Reuse of Hardened Concrete part 6
T1.2-03/ T1.2R-03 Special Hybrid Moment Frames Composedof Discretely Jointed Precast and Post-TensionedConcrete Members and Commentarypart 6
ITG-3-04 Report on Bridge Decks Free of SteelReinforcement part 6
ITG-4.1-07 Specification for High-Strength Concrete inModerate to High Seismic Applications part 6
ITG-4.2R-06 Materials and Quality Considerations for High-StrengthConcrete in Moderate to High Seismic Applications part 6
ITG-4.3R-07 Report on Structural Design and Detailing forHigh-Strength Concrete in Moderate to High Seismic Applications part 6
ITG-5.1-07 Acceptance Criteria for Special UnbondedPost-Tensioned Precast Structural Walls Based on Validation Testing andCommentary part 6
ITG-5.2-09 Requirements for Design of a Special UnbondedPost-Tensioned Precast Shear Wall Satisfying ACI ITG-5.1 (ACI ITG-5.2-09) andCommentary, part 6
ITG-7-09 Specification for Tolerances for PrecastConcrete, Part 6
SP-17(09) ACI Design Handbook (Synopsis only), Part 6




ACI Manual of Concrete Practice 2010 

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