ADAPT-FELT is the industry standard program for the calculation of elongations, friction loss, and long-term stress loss in prestressing tendons. It covers both bonded and unbonded tendons with regular or irregular geometries in two or three dimensions. In addition to a detailed tabular report, the program displays the geometry of tendon and the distribution of stress along the tendon. It is applicable to commercial and residential buildings, ground supported slabs, bridge structures, foundations and piles.

For buildings, frames, bridges and special structures.

  • Two and three dimensional tendon layout
  • Use the program's library of tendon shapes or define your own tendon profile
  • One and two-end tendon stressing
  • Anchorage seating loss (draw-in)
  • Elongation calculation for first and second pull
  • Code check for maximum stresses
  • Long-term stress losses for unbonded and bonded tendons
  • Graphical display of tendon stress and shape
  • Tabular listing of tendon heights

FELT is a computer program for the Friction, Elongation and Long-Term stress loss computation of tendons in prestressed structures. For a given tendon geometry and stressing specification, the software computes the stresses along the tendon length. Tendon geometry can be selected from the program's pre-defined profiles, or, in the case of irregular tendons, the geometry can be input through tendon coordinates. The immediate loss computation includes the friction and seating of tendon (wedge draw-in). The long-term losses include creep, shrinkage and relaxation in steel. The computations are based on the recommendations of ACI Committee 423. The software handles both bonded and unbonded systems. As an option, for shop drawings, friction and elongation calculations can be performed without long-term stress losses. The software comes with thorough documentation, extensive examples and a section on verification. It is an effective analysis/design tool for both consulting engineers and prestressing suppliers.



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