Adoption of the Eurocodes in the Balkan Region

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2016)

Adoption of the Eurocodes in the Balkan Region


The considerable interest in implementation and adoption of the Eurocodes in the Balkan region is based on the opportunity to have an advanced common standardization environment, which is adaptable to the particular requirements of each country with regard to the geographical, geological or climatic conditions and also allows selecting the level of safety. Moreover, adoption and implementation of Eurocodes will help the Candidate Countries to fully implement EU acquis at the time of accession and support Potential Candidate Countries to progressively align themselves with the EU acquis.

The Workshop is organized within the framework of JRC Enlargement and Integration Action and intends to foster the implementation of the Eurocodes in non-EU countries in the Balkan region.

The workshop is focused on progress and specific needs for adoption and implementation of the Eurocodes and related EN standards in the Balkan region.

In particular, it is envisaged that the Workshop and round table discussion will serve the following objectives:

  • Assess the level of commitment and the progress of adopting the Eurocodes;
  • Assess the level of harmonization of national policy/legislation with EU regulatory frameworks;
  • Assess the progress of definition of Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs)
  • Define the strategies for training and elaboration of guidelines and training materials;
  • Facilitate exchange of views, knowledge and information between EU experts and representatives of non-EU countries in the Balkan region;
  • Facilitate regional cooperation in preparing National Annexes and harmonization of NDPs

Workshop Programme

The programme of the workshop is composed of three parts:

  • Lectures delivered by invited experts from JRC and DG ENTR of European Commission, CEN/CENELEC and EU member states;
  • National presentations of non-EU countries about adoption of the Eurocodes (standards and legislation); specific problems and needs, training, guidelines and training material;
  • Round table discussions regarding adoption of the Eurocodes in the Balkan region – conclusions and recommendations.

Adoption of the Eurocodes in the Balkan Region