AISC 360 Design Software

AISC 360 Design
AISC 360 Design Software

AISC 360-10 Design Software

SkyCiv offers design check software for AISC 360-10 - Specifications for Structural Steel Buildings in two forms; Standalone (free) and Integrated. The structural design software offers a range of powerful features to help you design your steel structures. Inludes the following:

  •  W-Shapes, HSS Shapes (RHS, SHS, CHS), Channels and Angles
  •  Moment, Axial, Bending, Shear Capacity and Ratios
  •  Combined, Slenderness and Deflection Capacity and Ratios
  •  PDF Design Reporting (Custom logo on Enterprise)
  •  View Capacity Results on Model (Integrated Version)
  •  Import and Apply Multiple Load Combinations (Integrated Version)

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