Akcelik SIDRA Intersection v7.0.9.6902

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2018)

Akcelik SIDRA Intersection is powerful traffic engineering software used by transport professionals in 90+ countries across the globe. These tools have been created to help achieve better solutions to challenges in the areas of road traffic operations, traffic engineering, management and control.

This is a major new version including the following new features:
  • Network signal timing calculations (Cycle Time, Phase Times, Signal Offsets).
  • Common Control Groups for multiple intersections under one signal controller.
  • Routes for performance reports and displays, and for signal Offset calculations.
  • Network output by Routes.
  • Route Output Comparison and Network Output Comparison by Routes.
  • Larger number of User Movement Classes.
  • New option for "HCM Edition 6" roundabout capacity model.
  • Various model improvements.
  • "Convert (Batch)" function to convert old version Project files.
  • "View Layout" function with lane highlighting in Lane Geometry, Lane Movements and Roundabouts input dialogs.
  • A large number of user interface improvements including new output reports and displays.


Akcelik SIDRA Intersection v7.0.9.6902

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    • Unrar and install the application.
      Copy files \patch\*.* to the
      Start the app. Choose option ‘Licensing ->
      -> Activate License -> Offline Activation’
      Input license info:
      License ID = 1907
      Password = 1908
      Press ‘Generate Request’ button.
      Copy the value of Activation Request field.
      Start applied keygen and paste above copied
      Activation Request. Press ‘Offlene Activation
      Response’ button. Copy generated license.
      Go back to the Activation License window and
      paste generated Activation Response. Press
      Activate button.