Analysis of a 12 Story Steel Building

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)
This example demonstrates three linear elastic analysis procedures provided by ASCE 7‐05: Equivalent Lateral Force analysis (ELF), Modal Response Spectrum Analysis (MRS), and Modal Response History Analysis. The building is a structural steel system with various geometric irregularities. The building is located in Stockton, California, an area of relatively high seismic activity.
The example is based on the requirements of ASCE 7‐05. However, ASCE 7‐10 is referred to in several instances.
Complete details for the analysis are provided in the written example, and the example should be used as the “Instructors Guide” when presenting this slide set. Many, but not all of the slides in this set have “Speakers Notes”, and these are intentionally kept very brief. Finley Charney is a Professor of Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. He is also president of Advanced Structural Concepts, Inc., located in Blacksburg. The written example and the accompanying slide set were completed by Advanced Structural Concepts. Adrian Tola was a graduate student at Virginia Tech when the example was developed, and served as a contractor for Advanced Structural Concepts.
Building Description
• 12 Stories above grade, one level below grade
• Significant Configuration Irregularities
• Special Steel Moment Resisting Perimeter Frame
• Intended Use is Office Building
• Situated on Site Class C Soils
Analysis Description
• Equivalent Lateral Force Analysis (Section 12.8)
• Modal Response Spectrum Analysis (Section 12.9)
• Linear and Nonlinear Response History Analysis (Chapter 16) 
Overview of Manual
• Describe Building
• Describe/Perform steps common to all analysis types
• Overview of Equivalent Lateral Force analysis
• Overview of Modal Response Spectrum Analysis
• Overview of Modal Response History Analysis
• Comparison of Results
• Summary and Conclusions

Analysis of a 12 Story Steel Building
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