ANSYS 15.0.7

ANSYS 15.0.7

ANSYS, Inc. announced the availability of its leading engineering simulation solution, ANSYS 15.0.7, providing new, unique capabilities and enhancements that offer the most advanced approach to guide and optimize product designs.ANSYS 15.0 delivers major advancements across the entire portfolio, including structures, fluids and electromagnetics. In addition, this enhanced version enables complete multiphysics workflows for leading simulation practices.Highlights for structures in this release include giving users greater insight into simulating composites. Enhancements to the fluids portfolio features the capability for studying turbomachinery flow paths with greater fidelity than ever, while in electromagnetics, ANSYS 15.0 offers the most comprehensive electric motor design process.

The release enhances ANSYS' industry-leading pre-processing capabilities, enabling users to quickly and accurately mesh the widest range of model size and complexity regardless of type of physics simulated. ANSYS 15.0 also builds on the company's global leadership in high-performance computing (HPC), speeding up already best-in-class performance by a factor of five.

Release 15.0.7 is inclusive of ANSYS Updates since Release 15.0. Product Updates include:
- ANSYS 15.0.1 (Meshing Baffle)
- ANSYS 15.0.3 (LS-DYNA)
- ANSYS 15.0.4 (TurboGrid License Connection)
- ANSYS 15.0.5 (Rigid Body Dynamics)
ANSYS 15.0.7

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