APF Nexus WoodJoint v3.4

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2018)
APF Nexus WoodJoint v3.4

APF WoodJoint lets you design traditional carpentry connections or modern timber joints (nailed, screwed, bolted) in accordance Eurocode 5 (EC5). All you have to do is specify the dimensions, the configuration and the actions. APF WoodJoint performs all the required checks for ULS, according to Eurocode 5. The results are displayed in the graphic environment and the user can save a detailed report with calculations and images. The user interface is designed to simplify your work. You can change every value (size of the structural members, fastener type, etc.), recalculate, and the results are immediately available. All the design variables, such as load coefficients, material properties (mechanical properties of timber and fasteners), can be adjusted by you, according to your needs (or the requirements of any National Standard or National annex to the Eurocodes). APF WoodJoint performs a structural analysis of the connection, examining the fastener as well as the connected members. The forces acting on the structural elements are displayed by the graphical interface, for each load case separately. APF WoodJoint lets you design many types of connections: carpentry joints (front notched joint, mortise and tenon joint, with stirrups and tension ties), steel-plate to timber connections (bolts with side gusset steel plates, apex plate, heel plate, point plate, slice plate), connections to supporting beams (with screws, steel hangers, steel angles, dovetails).


Software Title APF Nexus WoodJoint v3.4
Format RAR
Size 7 MB
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