AutoCAD Civil 3D: Designing Residential Projects

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2016)
AutoCAD Civil 3D- Designing Residential Projects
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 Duration   3.5 Hrs
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Learn to leverage the right Civil 3D tools to complete land development of a residential design project. During this course, Eric Chappell takes you through everything you need to know about parcels and lot grading, helping you to be an effective designer on any residential project. You'll learn how to create, edit, label, and style parcels so that you can effectively design and represent lot layouts. In addition, you'll learn how to leverage specific grading tools—such as the feature line and surface functions—to perform lot grading. Combine this with the Basic Roadway Design with Civil 3D and Civil 3D: Designing Gravity Pipe Systems courses and get the right skills to design residential developments with quality and efficiency.

Topics include:

  • Understanding parcel objects and sites
  • Creating parcels
  • Laying out multiple parcels at once
  • Editing parcels
  • Displaying and annotating parcels
  • Creating parcel styles
  • Grading lots
  • Assigning elevations

AutoCAD Civil 3D: Designing Residential Projects
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