Autodesk Advance Steel 2015

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2017)

Advance Steel was designed specifically for professionals in the building design, requiring a comprehensive and fully integrated solution based on AutoCAD . Advance Steel automates the design cycle of metal (creating a detailed three-dimensional information model of constructive solutions, detailing sites, development of a set of working drawings marks the CM and CMD , obtaining the relevant specifications and bill of materials for GOST ), as well as output data to machines with CNC .

Steel modeling metal
  • Intelligent Structural Objects Intelligent structural objects: Use Wizards for modeling libraries and objects faster
  • Parameter fitting steel Parametric steel connections: models faster using parametric fitting Libraries
  • Construction of steel connections in engine design Built-in steel connection design engine: Reviews and Czech steel fittings in engine design in the real time
  • Stairs, railings and ladder cage Stairs, railings, and cage ladders: speed modeling using miscellaneous
  • Folded sheet metal work Sheet metal and folded plate work: high-speed sub-elements to create any shape
Details and Documents Detailing & documentation 
  • Steel shop drawings Steel shop drawings: producing detailed drawings for manufacturing
  • General arrangement drawings General arrangement drawings: produce clear plans for the site
  • Bills and Bills of materials: fast accurate BOMs based on the design you create.
  • CNN data cc CNC data: data production machine shop CNN News
  • Management Document Manager: full control over your documents
  • Integrated Control Integrated revision control: Use the Comment revision tools designed to manage revision
Working capacity of Interoperability 
  • Two-way link with Rvvyt Bidirectional link with Revit: speed of construction with design details Rvvyt
  • Structural analysis of the robot working capacity of Robot Structural Analysis interoperability: Astafdh optimized structure with two-way links
  • Sazgaryba Nvysvrkz Navisworks compatibility: data integration for evaluation of the project
  • ISP account to my work with the MIS software interoperability: Kiss or XML formatted data output and optimized
  • Work Sharing Work-sharing: use of collaboration tools to model and generate faster




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