Bentley LEAP Bridge Steel V8i (SELECTseries 2)

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)
Bentley LEAP Bridge Steel V8i (SELECTseries 2) 01.02.00
LEAP Bridge Steel provides parametric 3D modeling, streamlined analysis, design, and rating of straight and curved I-girder and box-girder bridges. LEAP Bridge Steel is the latest addition to the proven LEAP Bridge offerings for prestressed and post-tensioned concrete bridge design and rating, used by 42 state departments of transportation.
  • Streamlined modeling workflow for rapid modeling of all bridge components.
  • Instant 3D visualization of the bridge superstructure and substructure.
  • Extensive options for viewing and printing analysis and design results.

With LEAP Bridge Steel, member cross sections can be selected from supplied libraries of standard sections or defined as built-up members. Bridges are modeled completely in 3D with full 3D visualization. LEAP Bridge Steel is powered by the STAAD.Pro engine for structural analysis and offers users two analysis options: line girder or 3D grillage. LEAP Bridge Steel conforms to the provisions of the 6th Edition of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification and the 2nd Edition of the AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation. 

As a complement to the LEAP Bridge Enterprise, LEAP Bridge Steel shares the RC-PIER system for pier and abutment design. Capitalizing on the full Bentley Bridge Information Modeling portfolio of solutions, LEAP Bridge Steel is compatible with Bentley MicroStation, Power GEOPAK, Power InRoads and InspectTech.

LEAP Bridge Steel is a comprehensive 3D steel bridge design and rating program. It offers advanced physical 3D bridge modeling, design, analysis and load rating of everyday steel bridges, following AASHTO LRFD standards.

Powered by the STAAD.Pro engine, LEAP Bridge Steel is a powerful structural modeling and analysis solution. With an intuitive tree and ribbon control interface, this software enables  users to design, model and evaluate steel bridges faster than ever before.

Advanced 3D Bridge Modeling, Design, Analysis, and Load Rating

This intuitive and powerful software complements Bentley’s LEAP Bridge Enterprise capabilities for concrete bridge design, providing a system that supports the real-world steel bridge design process. As part of Bentley’s Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) suite of products, LEAP Bridge Steel enables users to take full advantage of this innovative approach for leveraging engineering data throughout the lifecycle of the bridge, from design and engineering to project management, maintenance and operations and even inspection.

Standards and Interopability are Key to Project Success

With industry standard support for AASHTO LRFD standards; the software offers advanced physical 3D bridge modeling, design, analysis and load rating of both superstructure and substructure of everyday steel bridges.

Supports American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) specifications:  

  • AASHTO LRFD 6th Edition, including 2013 Interims
  • AASHTO MBE 2nd edition, including 2013 Interims

Intelligent 3D Models for Steel Bridge Design & Analysis

LEAP Bridge Steel extends Bentley’s leadership with Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM), providing an intelligent model for steel bridge design and analysis. Users can take full advantage of this innovative approach for information delivery for bridge design and engineering, project management, maintenance, and operations.

The resulting information provides a rich data asset for as-built documentation, maintenance, and operations. When combined with Bentley tools such as ProjectWise for user collaboration and InspectTech for bridge inspection, LEAP Bridge Steel provides a complete solution for bridge projects.

Data Reuse Saves Time and Reduces Errors

Reuse of data helps users improve productivity as it eliminates the initial time wasted on data entry and reduces operator error – particularly as design modifications are made and changes need to propagate throughout the entire bridge structure.  Engineering professionals are able to focus on complex engineering issues and perform more analyses and code checks to refine their designs. Users can define detailed alignment, profile, and cross-section information or directly obtain civil data from GEOPAK®, Bentley InRoads®, and MXROAD®. Import of roadway information and ground data from LandXML files is also available.

2D/3D Visualization Enhances Model Verification

Powerful visualization capabilities enable users to rapidly verify modeling input as work is completed. The bridge is viewed in profile, elevation, and cross-section views. Solid and transparent viewing options aid in the exploration of areas with complex geometry. The software also produces 2D views of superstructure and substructure components, with dimensions, which can be saved in DGN or DXF formats for production of preliminary drawings.

Integrated Bridge Solution Improves Project Delivery, from Design to Inspection

Bentley is committed to providing tools that help engineering professionals design and deliver high-quality, sustainable bridge infrastructure. LEAP Bridge Steel is a major offering within the Bentley bridge solution, which also includes world-class applications for road design, digital terrain modeling, bridge design, structural engineering and analysis, steel and concrete reinforcement detailing, and bridge load rating and analysis. With support for InspectTech bridge inspection software, users can take advantage of the data rich model  throughout the lifecycle of the bridge project, from design to inspection.

LEAP Bridge Steel is also compatible with ProjectWise, Bentley’s collaboration platform for connecting people and information across project teams.

Running LEAP Bridge Steel with ProjectWise and/or ProjectWise Navigator, users are able to perform a synthesis of bridge information modeling, continuously sharing, reusing, and repurposing data. They enjoy the many benefits of real-time collaboration and streamlined engineering content management – working across multiple locations and time zones, among numerous contributors, companies, and stakeholders. Users of the Bentley bridge solution enjoy the full benefits of a real-world solution for delivery, maintenance, and operation of bridge systems – improving ROI in data at every step of the bridge lifecycle.



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