Bentley LEAP Presto

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2016)
LEAP PRESTO is a comprehensive offering for the analysis and design of prestressed or mildly reinforced concrete beams in accordance with the ACI or CSA building codes. It combines numerous flexible engineering features with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.LEAP PRESTO is integrated with Tekla Structures. It can be used from within Tekla Structures to analyze and design prestressed beams. Tekla Structures' detailing features can detail the reinforcements, and LEAP PRESTO can either design or check to make sure that the reinforcement satisfies the design criteria. Through this integration, all engineering, detailing and project management functions are integrated into one 3D model. Structural information – regardless of material or complexity – is managed throughout the project lifecycle, from concept to completion. The net benefits to you include reduced costs, reduced errors, and more efficient workflow.

Easy-to-Use Interface
The easy-to-use interface simplifies design. LEAP PRESTO has an intuitive interface that uses a convenient system of tabs, drop-down menus and icons, making project data entry quick and simple. LEAP PRESTO's graphical modeling features make viewing and interpreting analysis and design results an easy task.

Comprehensive Design Capabilities
In LEAP PRESTO, the sections that can be designed are double tee, single tee, inverted tee, L-beams, I-girders, hollow core, solid slab or joist beams. A graphic editor lets you define intricate custom cross-sections. Members are assumed to be simply supported and can have unequal cantilevers at either or both ends. Rectangular or circular flange openings can be introduced into a member, and the resulting section properties are automatically computed. Topping thickness can vary along the length of a member in a stepped fashion. If the topping is eccentric with respect to the centerline of a member, its eccentricity can be specified for computation of the torsional effects.

Complete Reinforcement Options and Types
Reinforcement options include low-relaxation or stress-relieved strands, and rebar. LEAP PRESTO can automatically generate strand and debonding patterns (symmetrically or asymmetrical), and they may be straight or depressed. Rebar may be in the precast section or in the topping, and may also be straight, hooked or mechanically-anchored at the ends.

Powerful Analysis Features
LEAP PRESTO analyzes all code-specific areas of design, including stress checks at release and final conditions, ultimate strength checks, combined shear and torsion steel design, horizontal shear steel design, and camber calculations. Loads can be point, uniform or trapezoidal, and can be of constant or linearly varying magnitude. Loads can also be applied fully or partially along a member. Analysis options include bearing design, transformed strands, live load recapture, and bilinear deflection.

Report Generation and Export

LEAP PRESTO offers user-friendly report generation and export. It generates numerous high-quality reports in both text and graphic format. You can export the graphics to DXF format and the results to spreadsheets.