Bentley RM Bridge Advanced V8i with RM Bridge View

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

Bentley RM Bridge Advanced V8i

Bentley Systems Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has released the V8i version of RM Bridge Advanced+, is a comprehensive 2D/3D/4D software used by bridge engineers for bridges of all types, materials, and construction methods.

A fully integrated modeling, analysis, and design process and rapid results processing bring economy to bridge design. RM Bridge Advanced produces deliverables derived directly from the models being analyzed – improving bridge constructability and ensuring smooth project delivery.

Following new features and improvements were done to the RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i Release :

RM View
- RMView is a new model and result viewer module for the RM Bridge Advanced product. It’s a 3D viewer based on the MicroStation-CAD engine. The viewer is available as optional Add-On “RM Bridge View V8i” on the Bentley SELECT server.
- Typically you will access RMView in the RM Bridge Advanced main navigation tree.
The external tool RM Bridge View will be started and the model with the results will be displayed.
- RM Bridge View is licensed via the SELECT license. It's a child of the RM Bridge Advanced product. You will get automatically as many licenses of RM Bridge View as you own RM Bridge Advanced licenses. It has an own product id and usage logging. Take care that you don't use more RM Bridge View licenses than you own! -

RM Analysis
- Faster calculation - up to 70% (dependent on size and complexity of the model)
- Hydro-dynamics in time history analysis (TINT) integrated
- Load type viscous drag damping (VDDE)
- Displacement, velocity and acceleration dependent load factors (TDEFN, TVELN, TACCN)
- Hydro-dynamic spring element with interface to AQWA
- Simpler definition of waves by calculator function 'tabsumB(table)'
- New Pushover Analysis module to calculate the capacity curve
- Creep and shrinkage variables ICcr/sh/et0/rel for IRC added to material data base
- New design check values like Vrdmax available in RMSET (Misc)
- Steels capacity values available in RMSET (Misc)

- 3D graphically supported definition of lanes (revised lane macros)
- 3D selection tool to manage assemblies and views
- Management of multiple views using XML file
- New RMSET macro definition to simplify creation of often needed diagrams and reports

RM Wizard
- Australian T-Beam as wizard model available
- PRECAST: Tendon reference points position were not commutated correctly. It did not take into account the girder haunch thickness. Fixed.



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