Bentley SewerGEMS V8i (SELECTseries 5)

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)
Bentley SewerGEMS V8i (SELECTseries 5)

Appendix SewerGEMS is fully dynamic, multi-platform solution for the simulation of urban and combined sewer systems. The application allows engineers to analyze the urban and combined wastewater drainage system through the use of built-in tools hydraulic and hydrological analysis, as well as various methods of calibrating the rain weather. 
Members SewerGEMS can feel the power and flexibility of this package when working with CAD platforms, GIS, as well as when working in offline mode; and at the same time to use a single shared access to project data source. When working with the package SewerGEMS services and consultants use the built-in support for four platforms capable of interacting with a single product:
- Stand-alone Windows interface - for easy operation, access and improve performance; 
- The ArcGIS interface - for integration with data in GIS format, thematic mapping, and publishing;
- The interface of MicroStation - for linking media geospatial planning and engineering design;
- The interface of AutoCAD - for built-in compatibility with the most popular in the CAD world.
Overview SewerGEMS package:
Interface and graphical editing
- Stand-alone interface of the Windows operating system 
- ArcGIS system interface (AgsMar) 
- The interface is based on the MicroStation System 
- The interface is based on the AutoCAD system 
- Unlimited undo and restore operations 
- Convert, split and re-connection elements 
- Automatic labeling elements 
- Proportional, schematic and mixed display 
- Prototypes elements 
- Dynamic scaling 
- Support multi-layered background files 
- Support background layers: images of CAD and GIS data Interoperability and data exchange
- A single set of model description files for four compatible interfaces 
- Bi-directional data synchronization 
- Support for SHP files, geospatial databases, the network geometry and relationship with SDE 
- Convert a polyline in the pipeline from DXF and DWG files 
- Exchange of data with spreadsheets, database, Shapefile files, and ODBC interface Hydraulics and operations
- Fast switching between the two mechanisms for solving the full set of St. Venant equations. 
- Includes an implicit dynamic mechanism of calculation 
- Includes dynamic explicit mechanism for calculating (EPA-SWMM) 
- Calculation of evaporation 
- Modelling of aquifer 
- Analysis of the correction 
- Analysis of the contamination with the added definition of categories of land use and landscape features 
- Rule-based controls
- Injection of a variable rate Presentation of results
- Immediate visualization and mapping the AgsMar Thematic Mapping 
- Dynamic graphics with simultaneous display of a plurality of parameters and scenarios 
- The development of a dynamic profiling 
- Developed system of tabular reports FlexTable 
- Color coding properties and symbolism 
- Means of annotation properties 

Creating a model
- Convert a polyline in the pipeline from DXF and DWG files 
- Exchange of data with spreadsheets, databases, SHP files and ODBC interface 

Distribution and rough estimate wastewater load
- Automatic load of wastewater based on geospatial data 
- Geospatial load distribution of wastewater on the basis of water meters 
- Load balancing with the help of monitoring data flow intensity 
- Load distribution on the basis of data on the use of land 
- Calculation of the load of sewage on the basis of forecast data on phased land use and population projection. 
- Load distribution of low flows using hydrograph, specific and based on load patterns 
- User-specific library load of waste water on the basis of the service area, settlement, drainage and public contribution 
- Calibration of inflow and infiltration using RTK tables 

Distribution and load an estimate stormwater
- Methods for calculating the seepage and runoff: SCS runoff volume with automatic weighing CN, loss method, Green and Ampt 
- Methods for calculating time of concentration runoff: user-defined, Carter, Eagleson, ISPR / Winslow, the Federal Aviation Administration, Kirby / Hathaway, Brick (PA and TN), length and speed, the SCS range, surface slope runoff TR-55, flat riverbed Stock TR-55 and TR-channel run 55 
- Hydrograph methods: the total share hydrograph. RTK, SCS, EPA SWMM and modified rational method 

model Management
- Unlimited number of scenarios and alternatives 
- Management of complex scenarios 
- Global editing tabular reports 
- Sorting and filtering constant tabular reports 
- Statistical analysis of tabular reports 
- Custom Technical Library 
- Dynamic and static multiple choice 
- Global management of technical units 
- Means graphical view of data to determine the compatibility 
- Automatic topology review 
- Request for disconnected nodes and hollow pipe ends 
- Support for ProjectWise XM / ProjectWise Geospatial Management


Bentley SewerGEMS V8i (SELECTseries 5)

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