Bentley STAAD Pro V8i (SELECTseries 5)

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2017)
Staad Pro V8i Basic Training

STAAD.Pro allows structural engineers to analyze and design virtually any type of structure through its flexible modeling environment, advanced features and fluent data collaboration.

  • Flexible modeling is provided by a state-of-the-art graphical environment and the design supports over 70 international codes and over 20 U.S. codes in 7 languages.
  • An array of advanced structural analysis and design features are included such as nuclear certification for 10CFR Part 50, 10CFR 21, ASME NQA-1-2000, time history and push over analysis and cable (linear and non-linear) analysis.
  • Efficiencies are gained through the ability to maintain and streamline current workflows with fluent data collaboration. STAAD.Pro integrates with other Bentley products such as and ProSteel and OpenSTAAD is provided for integration with third party programs.

Increased client base and therefore business growth can be realized in using STAAD.Pro to serve a broad spectrum of structural design projects and a global market.

What’s New in Bentley STAAD Pro V8i (SELECTseries 5)

This version has undergone extensive QA testing and this version will be delivered shortly to accounts that entered the QA&R programme with the required supporting documentation so that it can be used on nuclear projects.

Build builds on the enhancements delivered in the earlier release of STAAD.Pro V8i SS5 (details of which can be found here) with a number of significant enhancements that I would like to draw your attention to that should excite you and provide a good reason to update your current version of STAAD.Pro to this one.

AISC 360-10 Steel Design Performance Boost
The current AISC 360-10 steel design module in STAAD.Pro has been turbo charged by restructuring the design processes to use multi-threading which can deliver a major performance boost that results in designs being performed quicker and making designers more productive.

Canadian Concrete Design in Concrete Mode
A new beam and column design module, to the Canadian concrete design standard, has been added to the Concrete Mode giving designers a clear design with detailed supporting calculations.

SP 16.13330.2011 Steel Design
A new steel design module has been added to the main analysis and design engine to the current Russian steel design specification.

SP 20.13330.2011 Wind Loading
An additional new wind load pre-processing module has been added that can quickly create wind loading on frames to the current Russian specification.

SP 14.13330.2011 Seismic Loading
A new response spectra routine has been added to support the seismic definitions as defined in the current Russian design code.

User Reports
The popular method to create custom user reports has been updated so that it is now possible to include more detail of the analysis functions that have been introduced into STAAD.Pro over recent times such as Reference and Notional load cases.

Finite element Analysis
Improved analysis routines for models incorporating quad-plates means that the analysis can now be performed on models with slightly warped elements which previously would have not been possible.

Cloud Analysis
An updated UI improves project interoperability with Bentley CONNECT Scenario Services giving the opportunity to explore the effects of alternative scenarios and determine a best solution for given criteria.

Over 180 documented updates are listed in the Revision History document (view details here) with over 90 updates specifically in the analysis and design engine ranging from small enhancements in the output to corrections affecting a number of the design routines.


Bentley STAAD Pro V8i (SELECTseries 5)

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