Black Mint Concise Beam v4.59o

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2018)

Concise Beam is an easy to use program for the design of precast concrete beams. Concise Beam will perform a load analysis and design checks in accordance with the latest edition of ACI 318, CSA A23.3 & S6, AS3600, or NZ3101.1. Key code parameters can be customized to simulate other design codes. The beam can be conventionally reinforced, partially or fully pretensioned. It can model any cross-sectional shape and will allow the cross-section to vary prismatically (step-wise) over the length of the beam. A graphical editor allows the user to describe any cross-section, including voids.
Concise Beam currently works in two-dimensions using beam theory (b-region) but will also account for torsion along the beam. The user can work in metric or U.S. Customary (Imperial) units, with a variety of individual units (i.e. mm, cm, m), and switch back and forth at will. Libraries of industry standard cross-sections and materials are provided with Concise Beam. The standard libraries can be modified, extended and customized by the user.

Concise Beam Features

Beam Layouts

Simply supported beams
Cantilevers at one or both ends
Analyze any user defined cross-section
All standardized loads, load cases and combinations
Load distribution (including PCI hollow-core distribution)
Cast-in-place pour (topping or deck) definition with haunch
Reinforcement Options:

Reinforced precast concrete beams
Full or partially-prestressed (pre-tensioned) precast concrete beams
Deflected, cut & debonded tendons
Fully developed rebar and strand (dead anchor) ends available
Design Codes

American standard ACI 318-11
American standard ACI 318-08
American standard ACI 318-05
American standard ACI 318-02
American standard ACI 318-99
Canadian standard CSA A23.3-04
Canadian standard CSA A23.3-94
Canadian standard CAN/CSA S6-06
Australian standard AS 3600-2009
Australian standard AS 3600-2001
New Zealand standard NZ 3101.1:05

Customize each code, and work in metric or U.S. Customary (Imperial) units
Advanced Engineering Capability

Uses detailed methods whenever appropriate
Strain-compatibility section analysis
Lateral Stability Check of Tall Girders during Lifting and Transport
Shear Check of Hollow-Core with Filled Cores
Strand and Rebar slippage check
Cracked section analysis
Transfer, lifting, and final stress analysis
Shored construction option
Torsion analysis
Interface shear design check
Deflection and camber estimates
Maximum crack width estimate
Follows recognized methods as used in the PCI Design Handbook, CPCI Metric Design Manual, and the NPCAA Precast Concrete Handbook.

Easy-to-read on-screen user's manual and context-sensitive help
Design tutorials and examples
Trial reinforcement design feature
Work in metric or U.S. Customary (Imperial) units (switch back and forth at any time)
Save most settings as defaults
Graphical cross-section editor
Results output in text reports and graphs
Comprehensive summary report of input and results
Full technical support
Regular program upgrades included with license
Exceptional responsiveness to user comments and suggestions
Computer Requirements


Black Mint Concise Beam v4.59o

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