Bridge Detailing Guide

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)
The UK highways bridge stock is exhibiting durability problems. While there are several causes of deterioration, many of the problems are attributed to poor detailing and a lack of appreciation of buildability by designers. There are many sources of advice on bridge detailing but the advice is rarely collected together. Most available professional information comes as advice incidental to particular projects or subjects. The "bridge detailing guide" gives guidance for engineers and technicians engaged in the preparation and development of details for highway and accommodation bridges, subways, culverts and retaining walls. The guide concentrates on the detailing issues that follow conceptual and analytical design. It also covers some design issues, such as access during and after construction and CDM requirements, due to their direct relevance to the detailing stage. The guide explores basic principles, that have proved to be reliable in everyday use, in terms of durability and ease of construction, inspection, maintenance and repair. The guide is intended as a live document and will be revised and extended as a result of feedback by the industry. A formal feedback procedure is, therefore, included. A CD-ROM is also provided with the report. This holds the "details" in CAD format. This guide is essential reading for consultants, contractors, bridge owners and their maintaining agents. It should be of direct use to trainee engineers, 

Bridge Detailing Guide
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