Celebrate 8th Anniversary of Civilax.com and Special Anniversary Gifts

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2018)

Our Vision

Civilax.com is designed for Civil Engineering Professionals and Undergraduates to update them selves with latest versions of civil engineering software, E-books, software training videos & Manuals and share their knowledge with civil engineering community.

How We Begin,

We are now ready to celebrate 6th Anniversary of Civilax.com, Five years ago on 24th July 2010 e-civils.blogspot.com (now known as civilax.blogspot.com) was born. On late 2010 we migrated to new domain name CivilEngineeringZone.com and was kept for nearly 2 Years. Then we migrated to our new name Civilax.com since September 2012. All our work was powered by blogger since 2010 to mid 2014. Thereafter we migrated our website to WordPress platform to provide more efficient service to our valued customers. 

Our Achievements

We facilitate our users to access over,

  • 750 Civil & Structural Software
  • 1800 Civil Engineering Books
  • 3150 Civil Engineering Training Videos/ Manuals, Spreadsheets and Calculations

Last Month we upgrade e-book collection mega download links, CSI Knowledgebase, STAAD Tutorial collection with latest 2018 updates.

We always very keen to response to your comments to solve/ upgrade download links and installation issues. 

We ship Civil Engineer's Portable Hard Drive to worldwide locations.

Last year only we post over 3000 posts and over 500 new VIP members joined.

Our Plan for This Year

This year, we hope to accomplish even more, including personalize software installation assistance through Teamviewer. However, we couldn’t do it without the generous contributions of members just like you!

Last Year Statistics

From 23rd July 2017 to 22nd July 2018
  • 911,699 Sessions
  • 506,190 Unique visitors
  • 2,941,643 Pageviews
  • 11100 Posts
  • 3187 VIP Members

Above statics prove that we are the No 1 Civil Engineering Website on Planet provides most valuable and exclusive resources to Civil Engineering Undergraduates and Professional. 

As always, we love hearing your feedback both good and bad about site content and what sustainability questions you have. Keep sending your tips, news and comments to us. 

Special Anniversary  Gift for Users to Join/ Renew VIP Membership

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