Concrete Portable Handbook

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2017)

Whether or not, you are on the job site or back in the office, this book will help you to avoid mistakes, code violations, and wasted time and money. The book’s four part treatment begins with constituent materials followed by self contained parts on Concrete Properties, Processes, and Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation.

Designed to be an "all in one" reference, the author includes a wealth information for the most popular types of testing. This includes: Analysis of Fresh Concrete; Testing Machines; Accelerated Testing Methods; Analysis of Hardened Concrete and Mortar; Core Sampling and Testing; Assessment of Concrete Construction ; Repair; Quality Concepts; Quality Control; Statistics; Standards, Specifications, and Codes of Practice. With this book in hand, construction engineers and even technicians find valuable information regarding Exposed Concrete Finishes, Repairing Concrete, Formwork, Precast Concrete, Concrete Roads, and Industrial Floors.

Project managers and owners will find this reference a valuable guide to concrete both in terms of its applications in construction projects and the science and chemistry of concrete for its own sake.

  • Fundamentals of Concrete Chemistry
  • Handy at your figure tip calculations
  • Tips for working with all types of concretes
  • Covers Roads, floors, and finishes
  • Principles of Precast, Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete

Front Matter, Page i
Copyright, Page ii
Dedication, Page iii
Acknowledgments, Page xi
About the Author, Page xiii
Introduction, Page xv
Chapter 1 - Basic Information, Pages 1-3
Chapter 2 - Concrete Materials, Pages 5-18
Chapter 3 - Durability and Protection, Pages 19-21
Chapter 4 - Mixing and Placing Concrete, Pages 23-39
Chapter 5 - Concrete Formwork, Pages 41-46
Chapter 6 - Reinforcement, Pages 47-52
Chapter 7 - General Design Consideration, Pages 53-57
Chapter 8 - Requirements for Strength and Serviceability, Pages 59-63
Chapter 9 - Inspecting In-Place Concrete, Pages 65-82
Chapter 10 - Concrete Failure, Pages 83-93
Chapter 11 - Concrete Repair Preparation, Pages 95-102
Chapter 12 - Removal and Repair, Pages 103-111
Chapter 13 - Rehabilitation Work, Pages 113-131
Chapter 14 - Maintenance Matters, Pages 133-138
Chapter 15 - Specialized Repairs, Pages 139-148
Chapter 16 - Problem Solving, Pages 149-152
Chapter 17 - Code Requirements, Pages 153-163
Chapter 18 - How Much Do You Know?, Pages 165-170
Chapter 19 - Working with Code Requirements, Pages 171-173
Chapter 20 - Avoiding On-the-Job Injuries, Pages 175-184
Chapter 21 - Worksite Survival, Pages 185-194
Appendix I - Background Facts and Issues Concerning Cement and Cement Data, Pages 195-283
Appendix II - Concrete Pavement Technology Update, Pages 285-297
Appendix III - Foundry Sand Facts for Civil Engineers, Pages 299-372
Appendix IV - Increasing the Quality of Concrete and Concrete Related Products, Pages 379-402
Appendix V - Concrete and Masonry Construction OSHA 3106 1998 (Revised), Pages 403-425
Appendix VI - Glossary of Abbreviations, Pages 427-429
Appendix VII - Common Definitions, Pages 431-435
Appendix VIII - Industry Resources, Pages 437-441


Concrete Portable Handbook
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