Corrosion in Concrete Structures, 1st Edition

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2016)
Corrosion in Concrete Structures, 1st Edition
An understanding of corrosion in concrete is an essential basis for enabling engineers to decide which structural techniques and building processes are most effective in improving the durability of new or existing concrete structures. In this authoritative new book the fundamental aspects of corrosion in concrete are analyzed in detail. An overview of current monitoring techniques together with a discussion of practical applications and current numerical methods that simulate the corrosion process provides the civil and structural engineer with an invaluable guide to best practice when it comes to design aimed at minimizing the effects of corrosion in concrete. The corrosion protective properties of concrete and modified cements are also discussed. The most frequently used stainless steels are examined together with an analysis of their reinforcement properties. Special attention is given to their handling and their welding requirements and the economics of their use. A comprehensive overview of surface treatments and corrosion inhibitors is presented alongside their practical applications as well as detailed coverage of electrochemical protection and maintenance techniques.

Corrosion in Concrete Structures, 1st Edition
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