CSC Fastrak 2014 v15.0.2.1

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2016)
CSC Fastrak 2014 v15.0.2.1
CSC Fastrak
Fastrak is steel building design software.
  • Design any simple or complex steel building with speed and ease.
  • Work with real physical objects such as beams, columns and slabs.
  • Choose from British Standards (BS), Eurocodes (EC) or US codes.
  • Save time with features such as automated wind loading, composite design and web openings.
  • Quickly assess design alternatives to establish the most cost-effective solution.
  • Produce clear and concise documentation including drawings and calculations.
  • Handle project changes easily and efficiently.
  • Synchronise with leading BIM platforms such as Autodesk Revit.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Fastrak Connection Design and Fastrak Portal Frame modules.

Reasons to choose CSC 

  • Fastrak Building Designer was voted the “Structural Analysis and Design Product of the Year 2010″ at the Construction Computing Awards
  • Fastrak is used by every major ‘design & build’ fabricator in the UK
  • CSC’s Chief Engineer sits on committees associated with the drafting of the Eurocodes
  • CSC is involved in the scoping of the Eurocode Green Book, in collaboration with the SCI
  • We partner with leading BIM providers such as Autodesk® and Tekla

Modelling features

  • Model complex steel buildings, including challenging roofs, all within a single model
  • Work in 2D or 3D views to create any building structure quickly
  • Define the structure by using grid lines and levels
  • Import DXF drawings to provide architects’ set out and to create grid lines
  • Work with real physical objects such as beams and slabs, instead of analytical ‘wires’
  • Provide stability with bracing, moment frames or walls
  • Choose from various automated diaphragm options to distribute horizontal forces
  • Automate composite beam design with metal decking or precast planking data
  • Model curved members easily
  • Model other materials such as concrete, timber and cold rolled
  • Import 3D models from BIM platforms such as Autodesk® Revit® and Tekla Structures

Loading features

  • Apply self weight and dead load cases automatically
  • Calculate wind loads and zoning for the entire building to BS6399-2 and EC1
  • Apply loads as floor loads, area loads, line loads, patch loads and point loads
  • Generate variable area loads for roof snow drifting
  • Apply building perimeter loads for cladding and walls
  • Automate notional horizontal loading for sway stability to BS and EC
  • Automate imposed load reductions
  • Automate decomposition of applied loads to structural members
  • Add extra loading and load cases as required
  • Generate code-based loading combinations automatically

Analysis and design features

  • Design and optimise the complete steel building to BS, EC and US codes
  • Define your parameters to generate the most suitable section automatically
  • Visually interrogate model to establish pass/fail status and utlisation
  • Quickly assess design alternatives to establish the most cost-effective solution
  • Choose from numerous beam options including rolled, plated, Westok, Fabsec and Slimflor
  • Automate composite beam design with supplied metal decking and precast planking data
  • Design web openings to SCI P068 and SCI P355 with or without stiffeners
  • Automate notional horizontal load and sway assessment
  • Design for P-Delta effects using either kamp or true second order analysis
  • Assess floor vibration response factors to SCI P354
  • Check for disproportionate collapse and tying forces
  • Handle project changes easily and efficiently
  • Integrate with Fastrak Portal Frame and Fastrak Connection Design

Output features

  • Export frame and connection drawings to CAD software via DXF
  • Customise and export reports to Microsoft Word
  • Export material lists including tonnage and surface area to Microsoft Excel
  • Export beam and base reactions to Microsoft Excel
  • Export bracing forces and shear wall forces to Microsoft Excel
  • Include beam reactions on plan and section drawings
  • Save all output documents in PDF format
  • Export design to Fastrak Connection Design and Fastrak Portal Frame modules
  • Export 3D models to BIM platforms such as Autodesk® Revit® and Tekla Structures
  • Export via SDNF, STAAD and SAP formats


CSC Fastrak 2014 v15.0.2.1

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