Fastrak Building Designer - Steel building design software

  • Design any simple or complex steel building with speed and ease
  • Work with real physical objects such as beams, columns and slabs
  • Choose from British Standards (BS), Eurocodes (EC) or US design codes
  • Save time with features such as automated wind loading, composite design and web openings
  • Quickly assess design alternatives to establish the most cost-effective solution
  • Produce clear and concise documentation including drawings and calculations
  • Handle project changes easily and efficiently
  • Synchronise with leading BIM platforms such as Autodesk® Revit® Structure
  • Integrate with Fastrak Connection Design and Fastrak Portal Frame modules


Fastrak Portal Frame - Software for portal frame design

  • Design single and multi-bay portal frame buildings with speed and ease
  • Establish the most efficient design using unique elastic-plastic analysis
  • Quickly assess design alternatives to establish the most cost-effective solution
  • Rapidly achieve optimal frame designs using automated wind and snow loading
  • Automate complex issues such as cranes, member stability and snap through checks
  • Produce clear and concise documentation including drawings and calculations
  • Integrate with Fastrak Building Designer and Fastrak Connections


Fastrak Connection Design

  • Design and optimise a wide range of steel connections with speed and ease
  • Choose from Moment or Simple Connection, Column Base and Hollow Section Connection modules
  • Choose from bolted connection design or welded connection design
  • Quickly assess alternatives to establish the most cost-effective connection design
  • Export detailed connection drawings to CAD software
  • Integrate with Fastrak Building Designer and Fastrak Portal Frame
  • Fastrak BREVe - Wind loading software


Calculate wind loads on buildings and structures

  • Automate design wind speeds and dynamic pressures to various international codes
  • Choose the standard, directional or hybrid method (based on BRE Digest 436)
  • Automatically determine ground roughness, altitude and topography factors
  • Automatically calculate site exposure to give optimum results
  • Integrate BREVe into your own applications using the ActiveX component


Free Fastrak Composite Beam software

  • Design composite and non-composite beams
  • Design to the 2005 AISC Steel Specification
  • Provides flexible loading options
  • Control the design criteria and optimize shear studs
  • Design multiple beams in a single project
  • Use a single and modern intuitive interface
  • Integrate with Fastrak Building Designe





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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the program and you are Top Gun.
    There is no version 20 but it is Version 12!!!!
    ou do not need to download “Crack for CSC FASTRAK 20” files as the crack file is included in the other downloaded files.
    I have downloaded files for Version 14 but after unzipping them it will create folders with the same name as the zipped files. Only folder “csc.fastrak.v14.magnitude.part1” has Manual, file “m-fstr14.cue” and file “m-fstr14”. The other 5 folders have only the same file “m-fstr14.cue” and Manual. “m-fstr14.cue” and “m-fstr14” can nut be opened by any program to be installed (if they are any executing application).
    So, what have you done after unzipping downloaded files or how did you installed the program?

  2. Hi

    I have downloaded it and started using the software, however, I am finding it hard just to apply loadings, I have looked at the manuals and have been doing the same literally the same thing.

    Is it because this is a cracked version that I am not allowed to apply loadings?

  3. DONT DOWNLOAD Fastrak 14. Its an older version(2007). Designs to BS 5950 only!

    Download CSC FASTRAK 20,version 12 released in Oct 2010 and comes with an upgarde installer for 2011 release.
    This version has got both, BS and EC3 design checks(not for moment connection). I hope 2011 upgrade has EC3 for moment connection.