CSC Struds v12 Standard

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2016)
CSC Struds v12 Standard
Easily model, analyse and design concrete structures, all within one package. Struds is the premium design and detailing solution for concrete structures.

  • Design multi-storey and high rise concrete buildings quickly and easily.
  • Design all building components including slabs, beams, columns, shear walls and foundations.
  • Model, analyse & design steel components; beams, columns & trusses to ISO800:2007.
  • Apply a variety of loads like UDL, point loads and external moments to the model.
  • Perform seismic analysis as per IS:1893.
  • Create foundation designs including options for stepped footings.
  • Generate detailed CAD drawings, design schedules, BOQ and calculation reports.
  • Import and export building models with other structural software.


Modelling features

  • Use a single and modern intuitive interface.
  • Import architectural plan from CAD drawings.
  • Import models from other structural software such as Staad Pro and ETABS.
  • Generate irregular shaped slabs.
  • Create L, C, T shape shear walls.
  • Generate true curved beams.
  • Design flat slabs with drop and capital.
  • Design rectangular, T and L shaped beams.
  • Design rectangular, T, L and circular shaped columns.
  • Design differential footing levels (footings on sloping ground).
  • Model floating columns on beams.


Analysis features

  • Perform advanced 3D space frame analysis, with optional plane grid and plane frame analysis.
  • Perform wind load analysis to code IS:875.
  • Apply seismic analysis by response spectrum analysis.
  • Consider floor diaphragm effect in analysis.
  • Perform torsion analysis due to eccentricity between centre of mass and centre of rigidity.
  • Undertake shear wall analysis.


Design features

  • Design slabs (Rectangular, Triangular, Trapezoidal and Flat).
  • Design beams (Rectangular, T section, L section and curved in plan).
  • Design columns (Rectangular, Circular, T shape and L shape).
  • Design foundations.
  • Footings (flat, sloping, combined, strip).
  • Piles (Under reamed and end bearing.
  • Raft (beam supported).
  • Design shear walls.
  • Perform grouping to rationalise design of all building components.
  • Handle project changes easily and effectively.


Output features

  • Produce analysis results for forces and displacements.
  • Produce clear diagrams for shear force, bending moment and deflections.
  • Product written and graphical representation for end moments and end reactions.
  • Produce detailed calculation reports.
  • Prepare floor-wise design schedules for all components.
  • Adopt ductile detailing as per IS:13920 and normal detailing as per SP-34.
  • Generate multi-layered DXF drawings for slabs, beams, columns, shear walls and footings.
  • Produce BOQ / material lists of components including slabs, beams, columns, foundations.
  • Export models to other structural software.