CSiBridge 2017 v19.1.0


Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI), a structural and earthquake engineering software company, has released the 19.1.0 version of Bridge 2017, is specialized analysis and design software tailored for the engineering of bridge systems.

CSiBridge is specialized analysis and design software tailored for the engineering of bridge systems. Suspension, cable-stay, elevated-roadway, and other types of bridge systems may be modeled and designed to suit any one of a variety of purposes, including means for crossing water, linking points between shear terrain, or extending over highway infrastructure. Customized controls and features integrate across a powerful object-based modeling environment to offer an intuitive, practical, and productive computational tool for bridge engineering. Advanced modeling features and sophisticated analysis techniques account for dynamic effects, inelastic behavior, and geometric nonlinearity. Code-based templates streamline the engineering process from model definition through analysis, design optimization, and the generation of comprehensive output reports. CSiBridge is the premier software for bridge engineering.

CSiBridge 2017 version 19.1.0 Enhancements:

Graphical User Interface
- DirectX graphics has been enhanced for quality and speed.
- Moment and shear releases can now be assigned to the edges of shell-type area objects.
- Time-dependent material behavior now available per Eurocode 2-2004, AS 3600-2009, NZS 3101-2006, JTG D62-2004 codes and the GL2000 model. This includes creep and shrinkage strain as well as age-dependent stiffness.
- Vietnamese concrete and rebar material libraries now available.
- Convergence behavior of the friction-pendulum and triple-pendulum isolator link elements has been enhanced.
Bridge Design
- Bridge superstructure design for concrete slab deck sections per Eurocode has been added, including stress, flexural strength, shear strength, and crack checks.
Results Display & Output
- The performance of the Bridge Object Response Display form has been enhanced when plotting previously viewed results.
- A detailed superstructure design output report for AASHTO steel I-girder strength design has been added.

CSiBridge 2017 v19.1.0

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