Delivering Sustainable Buildings an Industry Insider’s View

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

The UK government has committed to reducing the nation’scarbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Buildings currently use almosthalf of the UK’s generated energy and they are now the focusof an unprecedented drive to cut energy use in our homes, offices,schools, libraries – in fact in almost every building, publicor private.

Delivering Sustainable Buildings: an industry insider’sview offers peer-to-peer insights and advice from a leadingpractitioner in this field and brings together in one book anoverview of the main issues to consider when creatingenergy-efficient and sustainable buildings. A resource to dip intofor practical advice, which is both highly readable and also backedup by in-depth technical knowledge, giving the important points tonote and common pitfalls to avoid.  Based on observations ofan author with hands-on experience of dealing with the variouselements of the building services engineering industry, the bookgives a unique insight into the particular challenges faced bydesigners, project managers, contractors and installers working todeliver lower carbon and sustainable building projects andoperation.

There is a lot of guidance on sustainable buildings availablefrom reputable sources including BRE, CIBSE, B&ES, ECA andBSRIA. This book is different in that it speaks directly tocontractors and practitioners, with practical messages dealing withreal on-site challenges, offering practical advice based onexperience. Many contractors are now faced with a business choiceof offering services related to issues of the energy hierarchy,minimising energy use, providing good building automation andcontrols and then looking further atmicrogeneration/renewables.  Here they must decide whattechnologies might be suitable for their businesses, as well asconsidering what level of training is required before they or theiremployees can start to work with these technologies. 

Delivering Sustainable Buildings: an industry insider’sview will help specialist contractors and facilities managersunderstand sustainable buildings at the strategic level(legislation, finance, training) and then to offer practical adviceon various aspects of sustainable buildings (water use,energy-efficient building services, commissioning and keeping thebuilding maintained to optimum performance) to their clients.


Name Delivering Sustainable Buildings an Industry Insider’s View
Author Mike Malina (Author)
ISBN-13: 978-1405194174
ISBN-10: 1405194170
Pages 282
Format PDF
Size 8 MB
Download Method Direct Download