Designing with Structural: A Guide for Architects

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2018)
The purpose of this Guide is to provide architects with the tools needed to feel more comfortable and confident working with structural steel in building projects. With a greater understanding of the characteristics and inherent benefits of structural steel, architects will be prepared to better utilize steel as a framing material. Some of the strengths structural steel offers in building design is high resiliency and performance under harsh and difficult conditions, i.e., earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel offers the ability to span great distances with slenderness and grace. Steel can be shaped to achieve curved forms and goes up quickly to meet tough construction schedules in almost any weather condition. Steel can be easily modified in the future to satisfy changing requirements. And with virtually all structural steel produced in the United States today made from recycled cars and other steel products, steel offers environmental sustainability for the future.

Designing with Structural : A Guide for Architects
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