Dlubal RFEM v5.13.01.140108

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)
Dlubal RFEM v5.13.01.140108
Dlubal RFEM v5.13.01.140108

The RFEM program for finite element calculation is a powerful software for fast and simple modeling, structural analysis and design of 2D and 3D models consisting of rods, plates, walls, composite plates, shells and solid elements. Due to the modular software concept, it is possible to combine the main RFEM program with the corresponding additional modules to meet your individual requirements.

The program for calculating RFEM designs is the basis of a modular software package. The basic program RFEM is used to specify structures, materials and loads for flat and spatial structural systems consisting of slabs, walls, shells and rods. It is possible to create combined structures, as well as modeling volumetric and contact elements. The RFEM program calculates deformations, internal forces, stresses, support reactions, and contact ground voltages. Additional modules facilitate data entry by automatically creating designs and connections or can perform further analysis and modeling in accordance with different standards.
Thanks to a wide range of interfaces, RFEM provides ideal interaction with CAD programs and design calculations in building information modeling (BIM). For example, there is a two-way data exchange between RFEM and Tekla Structures, Revit Structure, Bentley ISM.


Software Title Dlubal RFEM v5.13.01.140108
Format RAR
Size 2 GB
Download Method Direct Download


  1. Very good program Unfortunately this medicine have the same issue than the one on previous version. Not able to run the sismic analisys and the pre stress addin. It open only as demo version on these two cases.

    • I hope you followed installation notes.

      Unrar and install the application.
      Copy \patched\DL_Base64.dll to the
      Copy \patched\AUTHORE.INI to the folder:
      C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\General Data\
      NOTE: you have .Net4 to be already installed.

  2. Yes, I follow exacly the instruction and still do not work DYNAM PRO and RF-Tendon continue to open just as demo version with all limitations. This issue exist since the version 5.09 if you see my coments on that version at that time I refer the same issue. My hope was that this issue was solved at this version 5.13 but unfortunatly not.