Dlubal Tutorial – BIM-Oriented Planning with Tekla Structures

 Language   German
 Duration   2 Mins
 Format  .MP4
 Size   143 Mb

Dlubal Tutorial - BIM-oriented planning with Tekla Structures
Dlubal-Webinar- BIM-orientierte Planung mit Tekla Structures

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  1. Admin Just a comment/question
    Is there any chance to get the Dlubal RFEM version 5.09 or higher because is compatible with tekla 2016 as the existing one on this site is the RFEM 5.06 is only compatible with tekla 21.1??

    Would be great to have it

  2. Admin, thanks for quick response. I use a lot the link between both programs and RFEM 5.06 works fine with Tekla 21, the integration between both programs is great. RFEM 5.06 also works very well with Revit 2015 and I also use a lot both. However for recent tekla or revit versions like tekla 2016 or 2016i or Revit 2017 the RFEM version 5.06 is not compatible, as its an older verion that’s why have the version 5.09 or higher would be great as it’s compatible with those newer version of Tekla or Revit