Eleco ArCon v18.0.2 Ultimate

The ArCon program is designed for professional design, design and 3D visualization. ArCon is a state-of-the-art tool for construction, and therefore it is so popular among those who want to create, improve or change the surrounding space. Unlike other CAD systems, the ArCon program was originally developed for architects to address issues related to the visualization of various buildings and structures.
Main features of ArCon:
  • MODE OF CONSTRUCTION - Creation of multi-storey structures and structures. The possibility of creating several apartments, buildings. 10 forms of roofs plus the editor of roofs. 24 forms of attic windows plus the Editor of roof windows. Editor of staircases and slabs. The editor of the balcony. Designer of windows and doors. Windows and doors in round walls. Erker, simplified input. Variants of free handrails. Wall editor. Round walls. Virtual walls. The editor of supports and columns plus the ability to create your own. Editor overhead / sub-beam. The editor of heights. Variable heights. Area Assistant. Project Assistant: designing of buildings and premises. Architectural image of roofs, walls.
  • DESIGN MODE - Move the properties of windows and doors. Illumination and daylight. Ray tracing. Calculation of shadows and light. Creation of video in format AVI. "Walk" (arbitrary movement of the project in 3D).
  • LIBRARIES - More than 400 materials. More than 2350 textures. More than 3000 objects. 2D symbols for 3D objects. Ability to create your own textures.
  • ADDITIONAL MODULES - CreativeLines 3.5. Panoramic presentations 360 ° (German). Designer of a winter garden. Designer of cabinet furniture. Advanced roof construction. Designer surfaces. Designer of downpipes.

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