Etabs 2015 Tutorial – Modelling of a Commercial Building

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2016)
Etabs 2015 Tutorial - Modelling of a Commercial Building
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 Duration   45 Mins
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Step by step illustration on how to model a commercial building in Etabs 2015 building software.The tutorial is divided into seven different steps that starts from assigning grid data to model rendering.The contents of the tutorial are listed below:
1.Grid and story data 1:02
2.Defining and assigning beams 7:56
3.Defining and assigning columns 13:56 - Orientation change of columns(local axis) - Merging and dividing the frame line
4.Defining and assigning slabs 22:28 - Dividing the selected shells - Defining slabs between irregular frames - Assigning staircase 27:42 - Offset option for line elements 29:40 - Assigning cantilever slab - Mirror option for elements 33:05 - Chamfer slab corners 34:30
5.Adding and replicating a new story 35:19 - Selecting the single story elements - Visibility options for story elements - Reassigning the section property
6.Defining and assigning retaining wall 39:22 - Assigning opening between frames
7.Model view options 42:25 - Extrude option for frames and shells - 3-D model rendering

ETABS 2015 Tutorial - Modelling of a Commercial Building
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