Eye4Software Hydromagic v5

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)


Hydromagic is a professional hydrographic survey package, which can be used to map depth areas using an echosounder. With the Hydromagic dredging software, you can monitor and record dredge progress on hopper, cutter and excavator dredgers.

Top 10 tools and features

  • Built in raw data editor. Correct your raw data with echogram editor, position editor, table editor, filtering, latency correction and more;
  • Generate one or more depth contours as map overlay; Map contours can be exported as both AutoCad DXF and Google KML files;
  • Generate regularly spaced XYZ data (matrices) using triangulation and interpolation (TIN);
  • Create channel designs and show channel cross-sections;
  • Calculate volumes using DTM's (Digital Terrain Models) or cross sections;
  • Automatic (RTK) or manual tide correction;
  • Built in map downloading tool; Download maps for the survey area from Google Earth, Bing Maps or OpenStreetMaps;
  • Map calibration, to use your own downloaded or scanned GIF, PNG, BMP, JPG and TIF maps;
  • Dataview to display all incoming information retrieved from GPS, echosounder and other sensors;
  • Shoreline editor; Manually enter soundings or levels for places you cannot access with a boat;

Eye4Software Hydromagic v5.0.13.314

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