Fires in Silos: Hazards, Prevention, and Fire Fighting

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2019)

Providing many lessons learned from past silo fires coupled with in-depth knowledge from experts, this book explains current prevention measures in detail -- helping to prevent future damage.

It covers numerous types of fire detection devices and fire fighting equipment, backed by extensive data tables listing fire and explosion characteristics of bulk materials, color photographs of silos on fire and documentation of firefighters' actions. In addition, diagrams and formulas as well as pre-prepared check lists are included for risk assessment and fire fighting actions.

Possibly lifesaving reading for chemists in industry, engineers, chemical engineers, health officers, environmental consultants, instructors in the chemical industry, as well as chemicals suppliers and safety officers.


Book Title Fires in Silos: Hazards, Prevention, and Fire Fighting
Format PDF
Size 12 MB
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