Flood Control and Drainage Engineering, Fourth Edition

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2018)
Flood Control and Drainage Engineering, Fourth Edition
Flood Control and Drainage Engineering, Fourth Edition
  • presenting, to students and professionals, various aspects of flooding and the methodology on how to tackle them purely from engineering point of view without going into the extremely complex nature of the physics of the phenomena.
  • thoroughly revised and upgraded to include two new chapters Flood Damage Management Due to Tsunamis and Storm Surges and Flooding Due to Collapse of Dams.
  • incorporating a number of worked-out practical design and analysis problems, including several case studies.


Primarily written as course material on flood control and drainage engineering for advanced students of civil engineering, this new fourth edition is again thoroughly revised. It accommodates recent developments in remote sensing, information technology and GIS technology. New added material deals with flood management due to Tsunami waves, flooding due to dam failure and breaking of embankments, application of dredging technologies, problems of flood forecasting, flood plain prioritization and flood hazard zoning, and engineering measures for flood control. Drainage improvement is tackled, with particular regard to salinity and coastal aquifer management from the ingress of sea water. The book includes design problem-solving and case studies, making it practical and applications-oriented. The subject matter will be of considerable interest to civil engineers, agricultural engineers, architects and town planners, as well as other government and non-government organizations.


Flood Control and Drainage Engineering, Fourth Edition

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