Foundation Design Manual for Practising Engineers and Civil Engineering Students

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2018)
 Foundation Design Manual for Practising Engineers and Civil Engineering Students
This book should serve as a source book of information and design procedure in geotechnical engineering. It covers wide range of topics divided in six chapters and seventeen annexures. The subject matter of the book has been treated both in Metric as well as SI System of Units.
1. Subsurface Investigation
2. Shallow Foundations and Allowable Bearing Pressure
3. Pile Foundations
4. Foundations Subjected to Dynamic Loadings
5. Lateral Earth Pressure and Earth Retaining Structures
6. Stability of Slopes
Annexure A-1: Stresses in Soils from Elastic Theories,
Annexure A-2: Soil Compaction,
Annexure A-3: In-Place Treatment of Foundation Soils,
Annexure A-4: Modulus of Subgrade Reaction,
Annexure A-5: Liquefaction of Foundation Soils under Ear thquakes,
Annexure A-6: Degree of various consistency limits of Soils,
Annexure A-7: Expansive Soils,
Annexure A-8: Effect of Chemicals in Sub-soil and Groundwater on Concrete Substructures, Annexure A-9: Corrosion of Steel Piles,
Annexure A-10: Bored cast-in-situ Piles: Conventional Bored Piles vs. Piles cast by continuous Mud Circulation Technique,
Annexure A-11: Prestressed Anchors,
Annexure A-12: Geotechnical Instrumentation,
Annexure A-13: Innovative Development in Indian Geotechnical Practices,
Annexure A-14: Integrity and Non- destructive Testing of Piles,
Annexure A-15: A Durable Concrete — A Practical View Point,
Annexure A-16: Self-Compacting Concrete, Annexure A-17: SI Units in Engineering.


About Author 
Dr. Narayan V. Nayak graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Bombay in the year 1959. He secured his M. Tech. in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and his Ph. D from the University of Wisconsin, U.S.A. in the year 1970. The author has about 8 years of Teaching, 8 years of Consultancy and around 35 years of Practical Field experience. He is presently Advisor - Gammon India Ltd. , Managing Director - Gammon Realty Ltd. , Chairman - Geocon International Pvt. Ltd. He has published many papers in National and International journals. He is the author of "Foundation Design Manual (5th Edition)" and "Hand Book on Advanced Concrete Technology" (under publication). He is also an Examiner of Ph. D candidate of Mumbai University and NT Bombay mainly on subjects related to Geotechnical/Foundation Engineering and in Concrete Technology. 


Foundation Design Manual for Practising Engineers and Civil Engineering Students
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