GlobalCAD ​​Landscape 2016 v1.2

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)
GlobalCAD Landscape is the integrated landscape design solution that simplifies the way you work with AutoCAD 2007-2016 and Bricscad 11-16. In today's competitive environment, GlobalCAD Landscape boosts productivity and helps you deliver winning designs ahead of time.
Key Features:
  • Freedom to investigate design concepts with professional 2D symbol libraries.
  • Published in association with industry experts, design libraries are indexed into familiar categories, saving valuable drafting time.
  • Instant ribbon / toolbar access to symbols, hatch patterns and complex linetypes.
  • Create stunning presentations with an outstanding array of 3D models, featuring landscape GIS and civil.
  • All models are render-ready with applied materials for fast, effortless photorealistic results directly within AutoCAD / Bricscad.
  • Options also exist for seamless export to visualization packages such as Autodesk 3DS Max and AccuRender.
  • Browse and compare blocks and drawing details fast within libraries.
  • Create extensive libraries containing 2D, 3D and attributed blocks within seconds - with no user intervention necessary.
  • Generate surveys with 'intelligent' survey markers - for ultimate accuracy.
  • Move any markers in your drawing and their associative XYZ label automatically updates to reflect their new position!
  • Easily create 3D surface terrains (mesh and solids options) covering vast areas with a single mouse click.
  • Conversion tools to instantly transform any existing surface mesh to solids.
  • Quickly attach attribute and cost information to drawing objects and symbols.
  • Query drawings and export data to popular formats including MS Excel and Access.
  • Bi-directionally link drawings and corresponding spreadsheets.
  • The most complete reference with extensive data on over 10,000 plants.
  • Uniquely expandable, add your own plant data, photographs and more.



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