Golden Software Voxler v4.0.476

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)
Golden Software Voxler
Golden Software Voxler - an innovative method of three-dimensional graphical representation of data. It allows you to import data from different sources and create high-quality graphics that reflect the complex relationship between the data. Golden Software Voxler is a rich, interactive graphical environment for processing models and data of any complexity. User-friendly interface provides a quick visualization, evaluation, investigation and verification of your data.
Golden Software Voxler can be used in various fields:
  • In geology (when working with three-dimensional data on the wells) and petrography for seismic surveys.
  • In meteorology for atmospheric research by collecting and processing three-dimensional data.
  • In oceanography to study the water temperature, salinity levels and the degree of contamination.
  • In biology and medicine (for ultrasound).
  • In engineering, statistics, seismology and others.

Main specifications:

  • The ability to create isosurfaces, to extend the capabilities and contour plot to portray the surface of constant values ​​in three dimensions. You can draw multiple isosurfaces on the same graph, selecting for each color and opacity.
  • In each element of the chart volumetric three-dimensional network is assigned a color, and transparency level. ClipPlane function allows you to cut at any angle.
  • In a contour plot lines of constant values ​​displayed plane. You can place the plane and the contours from all angles. The graphs height field data are indicated by different colors on a rectangular plane, located in three-dimensional space, or two-dimensional curvilinear grid. Amplitude data is represented as a shift up or down is perpendicular to the plane or the curved grid.
  • The graph shows the flow lines in the path of the particle velocity, the average velocity distribution in three-dimensional space. With color represents the amplitude of the velocity.
  • Vector graphics are displayed on a line or a vector indicating the direction and amplitude of the component values ​​of three-dimensional grid or point data set. The amplitude of the values ​​indicated by the length and color of the vector.
  • Scatter plot displays symbols in the space coordinates (XYZ), specified in the data file. If the data file contains the values ​​for each point, these values ​​are indicated by different colors.
  • You can schedule any number of cutting planes positioned at different angles to display only one of its field that is of interest.
  • Voxler allows you to create a uniform three-dimensional network, using the method of inverse distance and local polynomial data XYZC, having spread (XYZ coordinates with a value of C). You can also calculate various indicators within a given search radius, including minimum, maximum and average value, quartiles, standard deviation, variance, population density and distance to nearest and farthest point.
  • Voxler provides you with various possibilities to perform calculations, including filters to avoid repeating points, delete data based on the values ​​of the axes X, Y, Z, or data, calculation of various parameters and image processing. Additional modules allow to perform calculations at the same time the three files containing three-dimensional graphics, combine up to five of these files to perform resampling, work with subsets and perform the conversion.
  • You can add lighting to the schedule, using options such as ambient light, lighting, directional light, spot light, lighting, point source of light, as well as choose the color, intensity and direction of light. To place a light source, you can use a graphical tool Dragger.



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