Graphisoft Archicad 2016 v20

Graphisoft Archicad 2016 v20
Graphisoft Archicad v20 - New version of the popular computer-aided design in architecture, often marked by various professional awards in the field of CAD.
In Archicad v20 developing trend to increase productivity of architects in a single cycle of BIM-design and primary emphasis is on the integration of the architectural workflow with the engineering professions.
With the help of IFC technology (the technology creates a universal bridge between BIM-solutions for architects and engineers) Archicad v20 transformed into a fully automated solution that is fully embedded in the process of collaborative design, combining with various highly specialized engineering CAD and settlement programs. This "open" approach to interdisciplinary collaboration greatly broadens the possibility of designing and provides a comprehensive transmission project (Integrated Project Delivery - IPD), speeding up the design process and reduce errors when transferring data between different programs.
Analyzing the functional ArchiCAD v20, you will no doubt notice the new Morph tool (MORPH TOOL) to surround the conceptual design and a unique system for creating and searching for user objects (BIM-components), as well as to exchange them. A new built-in analysis capabilities transform the energy efficiency project in ArchiCAD one of the best solutions on the market to create the CAD BIM-environmental projects.
Custom modern designs require a new instrument, making the modeling process extremely flexible. In ArchiCAD v20 emerged organically integrated into the BIM-environment modeling tool for free, allowing you to create new elements of arbitrarily complex shapes through an intuitive graphical interface and popular solid modeling technologies, such as technology push & pull (push and pull). Morpho-elements are formed either from a sketch created on any surface with the bulk help of 3D-polygon or by converting any existing ArchiCAD BIM-element. Morph A new tool - the most convenient way to create custom BIM-components, structures and components, including going to a building (such as the unique elements of interior and decorative elements).
All modern buildings and projects must be environmentally friendly and energy efficient - this is our contribution to the future of the planet. In its programs the company GRAPHISOFT continues to develop "green" direction and implement tools for environmental analysis in the environment of BIM-design. The new built-in functionality for the analysis of energy efficiency in ArchiCAD v19 (for example, the analysis of the geometry of the building model by zone boundaries, the analysis of weather conditions, etc.) similar to the previously supplied independent software EcoDesigner, but now is based on a completely new technology that allows you to analyze model dynamically using BIM-geometry, hourly weather data and information on the location of the building.
The new 20-second versions:
  • Advanced Information Management
Access to Information: Information - this is the most valuable component of BIM. ARCHICAD 20 allows architects and designers to enjoy the benefits of modern technology! Architects are well aware that the ability to gain access to data and their editing is one of the most important requirements for the organization of the design process. ARCHICAD 20 allows easy access even to information that has been added to your project without the use of CAD or BIM-solutions, such as an Excel spreadsheet.
Display Information: Options control the display implemented in ARCHICAD 20, to simplify working with documents in the construction phase. Flexible settings display any 2D-and 3D-kinds saves architects from routine 2D-drawing and makes it possible to pay more attention to exploring BIM-model.
Exchange of information: Organization of the work based on the approach OPEN BIM using 4 IFC standards, the BCF and COBie means that architects can exchange data with related experts without the risk of any loss of information. ARCHICAD 20 - this is one of the first BIM-applications, fully supporting the open standard IFC 4. IFC 4 standard can significantly increase the level of coordination when using such schemes as the Design Transfer View and Reference View. Implemented in ARCHICAD change management model and IFC properties, as well as full support for the format BCF - a guarantee of high-quality data exchange at the model level. Developer COBie confirmed ARCHICAD full compatibility with the standard in force in the UK, US and other English-speaking countries.
  • Updated Graphic panel selected parameters
A completely new graphical Favorites panel contains the saved parameters of each Instrument to automatically create color images preview elements. Use this new panel increases the speed of daily work and simplifies the setup project templates, executable BIM-managers.
  • Updated Graphical Interface
Full processing of the graphic interface suggests that ARCHICAD 20 looks the most advanced BIM-solution of all those present in the market. Updated user interface design is modern and dynamic. In ARCHICAD 20 fully supports monitors HiDPI (4K or Retina). Thus, all the graphic elements perfectly scaled according to the monitor resolution.

Graphisoft Archicad 2016 v20 
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