How to Become a Civilax VIP Member [Simplified Guide]

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2018)

Your VIP account is for personal use only and could not be shared with other people or in social networks. You can use all the downloaded contents, include and / or modify them for your professional activity, but not to publish them and / or to distribute them in other web sites, except those contents you are the author of.
The detection of Civilax contents downloaded with your account to any other website will cause the immediate blocking of it without any warning.
We prefer paypal payments as the most secured. If you don't have paypal account still you use your credit card in Paypal payment gateway. Also we accept fund transfer from Western Union, Skrill.


1 Year VIP Membership 2 Year VIP Membership 3 Year VIP Membership
$149.99 Per Year $149.99 Per Year $99.99 Per Year $99.99 Per Year $83.33 Per Year $83.33 Per Year
Recurring Payments  One Time Payments Recurring Payments One Time Payments  Recurring Payments One Time Payments 
- $ 149.99 for 1st Year
 - Then $ 69.99 Each Year  
  - $ 199.99 for 1st 2 Years
 - Then $ 99.99 Each Year  
  - $ 249.99 for 1st 3 Years
 - Then $ 99.99 Each Year  

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