Learning SAP2000: Assign Members

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2016)

I section ->only one section->checks fail/pass only

Auto selection list->multiple sections->checks fail/pass and assigns appropriate members

Creating auto Selection list

1. Define->Section properties->Frame Sections

2. Before creating auto-selection list, we need to import the sections to be used in the list.

3. Click Import New Propertyclip_image004

4. Select appropriate section (I/Wide Flange for this case)

5. Goto (C:\Program Files\Computers and Structures\SAP2000 15) folder and select appropriate .pro file (Indian.pro for this case) clip_image006

6. Select required sections (all for this case) and click OK ->OK.

7. The selected sections are imported. clip_image010

8. Click add new Property->auto select listclip_image012

9. Section Name= Bottom Cord
Select all light beams and click addclip_image014

Click overwrite and click ISLB75->click OK to bring ISLB75 to top. This will make ISLB75 the first section to be checked.

10. Click Add copy of property to make copy of bottom cord
This makes it easier to make auto selection list for top cord.

11. For girder all heavy and wide beams

12. For diagonals all channel sections

13. Verticals ->channel sections

14. Top braces -> angles

Assigning sections to groups

1. Select->select->Select using groups

2. Click Bottom Cord

3. Assign -> Frame->Frame Sections

4. Click on bottom cord and OKclip_image016

5. Similarly Assign appropriate sections to appropriate groups.

To make pin joints for making truss

Moment release

1. Select the members for which to release moment (All except braces and girders)
It is possible to release these too.
Shear 22,33
Moment 22,33

2. Assign->frames->release partial fixity

3. Check moment 2-2 and moment 3-3 (to release partially, assign stiffness) and torsion at start or end only. Click OK. clip_image018

4. To check whether releases have been assigned, Ctrl w, check releases.

5. clip_image020In some cases, top cord and bottom cord moments are not released if load occurs on top or bottom cord.

Slab->Define->m25->self wt 0-> thickness-220mm

Loading on slab (equivalent dead load) =24.5*.22

Select the area->assign->area loads->distributed loads->area uniform to frame (use one way slab so moment is distributed to girders only)


Add live load to slab = 5Kn/m2

Temperature loading 40o C Select members-> assign ->frame loads->temperature
By element (joint pattern tower example)