Marine Concrete Structures: Design, Durability and Performance

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)

Marine Concrete Structures: Design, Durability and Performance comprehensively examines structures located in, under, or in close proximity to the sea. A major emphasis of the book is on the long-term performance of marine concrete structures that not only represent major infrastructure investment and provision, but are also required to operate with minimal maintenance.

Chapters review the design, specification, construction, and operation of marine concrete structures, and examine their performance and durability in the marine environment. A number of case studies of significant marine concrete structures from around the world are included which help to reinforce the principles outlined in earlier chapters and provide useful background to these types of structures. The result is a thorough and up-to-date reference source that engineers, researchers, and postgraduate students in this field will find invaluable.

  • Covers, in detail, the design, specification, construction, and operation of marine concrete structures
  • Examines the properties and performance of concrete in the marine environment
  • Provides case studies on significant marine concrete structures and durability-based design from around the world

Table of contents : 

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9 - Marinas in the Arabian Gulf region, Pages 215-240, K. Heath
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13 - Hong Kong—Zhuhai—Macau sea link project, China, Pages 339-370, K. Li, Q. Li, Z. Fan
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16 - Durability design of new concrete infrastructure for future development of Singapore City, Pages 459-473, O.E. Gjørv 


Marine Concrete Structures: Design, Durability and Performance
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