Combining structural analysis capabilities with civil engineering specific stage analysis, pushover analysis and nonlinear time history features, midas Civil provides the necessary tools for advanced modeling, analysis and design for the bridge engineer. Features include RC, steel, PSC bridge design, suspension and cable-stayed bridge analysis, construction analysis and heat of hydration analysis, just to name a few.

Midas Civil 2011 with Medicine
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Midas Civil 2014

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Midas Civil 7.0.1
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Midas Civil 6.3.0
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  1. How to Crack Midas Civil 2011

    1. Install Midas civil (include Sentinel), using key 058C6F5EE42007BE
    2. Extract Multikey.zip to C driver (make sure that tructure are: c:multikeymultikey)
    3. Run install.cmd in multikey folder
    4. Run dseo13b.exe in folder dseo13b => Chose Enable Test Mode =>Next
    5. Chose Sign a System File =>Browse to c:multikeymultikeyMultiKey.sys =>Next
    6: Restart windows and enjoy

  2. Dear Administrator , where should I down load midas civil 2011? The version you provided is trial version with enter key field is disabled.Also medicine contain 64 bit system files where as my system is 32 bit.Please help me.

  3. I followed and successfully completed all 6 steps given in the post above. After restarting I launched MIDAS and entered the key number at ‘Register Protection License” under Help. However when I want to start a new project, the following error pops up:

    ‘Lock is not detected. Please check that Lock is connected properly.”

    Could someone point in me in the right direction? Thanks.

    • You should repeat all steps and restart again and again.Remember that your software cannot run until this massage pops up in task bar:
      New hardware found – Usb Emulator or like wise.
      After successful installation of drivers your problem will be solved.

    • Viv, thanks for the help. I have got the lock working now after moving the signed MultiKey.sys file to C:windowssystem32driver folder.

      Now I ran into another error. In MIDAS I have entered the key number 058C6F5EE42007BE (key type: stand-alone) and this message shows up:

      “Protection key number does not match.”

      I directly copy-pasted the number from the readme file. What did I do wrong?

  4. Dear all who are facing key problems..I have tested it tomorrow and found it correct.So you should remove all midas ,sentinel an related files.Open reg edit and delete all midas related keys because the key of previous version installed may conflict the new version.Also you have to install midas first ,then enter key and then run medicine(remember this order).Type this key manually( Do not copy paste)because there may be some “space”copied along with the key.

  5. Got it solved with a bit of a workaround:

    1) Installed VMWare and created a virtual windows 7 x32 machine;
    2) Followed installation steps above, only use vusbus instead of multikey (can be found in the ‘Emul’ folder;
    3) Works like a charm! (Probably because it’s a clean install as viv has indicated above?)

    Thanks for the help.

  6. Thanks Administrator for providing Midas 2011 with a good medicine.Actually you have provided medicine for both 32 bit and 64 bit system .During installation I have learnt few things which can be helpfull for all.For new visitors kindly follow these steps:
    1. If you have 32 bit Win xp ,simply download it from 4shared or miediafire(yes,both MS word documents).If you downloaded it from Mediafire,Change extension as.rar and combine both files.Install midas with sentinel and enter key.Then run medicine(for 32 bit,it is along with these installation in emul folder).A massage will popup in task bar”new hardware found-“.Restart and enjoy.
    2. If you have 64 bit Win 7,follow above steps but run different medicine which have been provided by Admin in this topic.After signing the driver you should be able to run midas civil 2011.However if it does not work,then make virtual machine (i.e 32 bit xp or 7) by vmplayer and perform clean install according to step 1.
    Tell me if these steps are helpfull to you.

  7. Dear Viv
    i an trying the above steps in Windows 8 i am not able to do it
    one more problem is the in following step
    1. Install Midas civil (include Sentinel), using key 058C6F5EE42007BE

    where i will get the Sentinel file
    please help if any one knows

  8. Dear Anonymous. If I am not wrong,you are copy- pasting the password to unlock.Please manually Type http://www.civilea.com in password field.Do not copy and also no need to visit these sites in internet explorer.And let me know if it works.

    @ Ashva .As I have written,”include sentinel” means installation of Sentinel Protection drivers and not any sentinel file.The links given in 4shared or mediafire contains Sentinel protection drivers along with midas installation.When you install midas,A massage will popup for installation of locks.Install Stand alone protection.
    However dear Ashva,Since you are running windows 8, I advise you to make a virtual machine of lower version i.e. win 7 or xp(32 bit).You can use vmplayer or sunbox for this.Kindly let me know if it works.

  9. This 2011 version(64 bit) crack is not working on my computer(Hard lock not found error),I am using windows 7. I installed the software,while installing i got two errors(CRR error,some thing like dll file is not matching with batch file)retry didnt work ,so i clicked ignore,..then i selected standalone option in sentinel installation..after installing lock,i restarted the system and opened the application.in help clicked on register and entered key provided in text file.then unzipped the file to c drive and clicked the install file and the other file in dXXX folder… restarted the PC as specified.. Then I launched the application and tried to create a new midas file.. It shown as hard lock is not found… what to do??????/please help..thanks in advance…