MIDAS Gen 1st Advanced Webinar

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2016)
MIDAS Gen 1st Advanced Webinar

1st MIDAS Gen Advanced Webinar (Feb 22) - General use and building related features
MIDAS Advanced Webinar

MIDAS Advanced Webinar Service allows engineers to become more familiar with our latest technologies and solutions. In a webinar session, each participant sits in front of his or her own computer, connecting to one of our qualified engineers online. These webinar sessions are created for further developing and enhancing engineering skills to gain competitive advantage using MIDAS products.

Contents to Cover

(1) Introduction to midas Gen
(2) Building Modeling based on FEM
(3) Interpretation of Analysis Results
(4) Design Capability



MIDAS Gen 1st Advanced Webinar

g2m codec availiable here



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