Multiframe CONNECT Edition V21 Update 10

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)
Bentley Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Multiframe CONNECT Edition Update 10 (version Multiframe helps structural experts check the structure of their vessel to comply with class requirements and optimise it for strength and weight. It can be used for deck grillage, frame, superstructure and mast strength calculations.

When designing a steel or aluminium vessel, there are a range of structural analysis approaches which can be used to assess the ship’s structural capacity and compliance with class requirements. Multiframe is a general purpose beam and plate element based system which allows you to very quickly model and analyse ship structures and carry out static or dynamic analyses of their structural behaviour. It is an ideal compliment to the more time consuming full finite element analysis and less accurate spreadsheet calculations.

Multiframe can load in a geometry file from Structure or any other structural modelling system, and then provides a wide range of tools to apply structural properties like restraints, materials and section shapes. Facilities are included to create a family of load cases and then perform a static or dynamic analysis. Static results can be reviewed in terms of displays of actions, stresses and deflections. Dynamic results include natural frequencies and mode shapes or more detailed time history results for time varying loads.

Multiframe’s Automation interface with Excel means that you can optimise structural behaviour using your own custom calculations, as well as the built-in searching, sorting and checking functions. Automation is particularly useful both for post-processing of analysis data as well as pre-processing including generation of hydrostatic or wave loads.

Multiframe has a particularly strong set of 3D tools for easily managing the complex geometry which results from a detailed structural analysis model. Rendering and animation can be combined with the clipping, searching and sorting functions. This makes it easy to narrow your focus to critical areas.

Multiframe also includes Shape Editor, a section properties calculator as well a comprehensive library of common structural shapes.


Multiframe CONNECT Edition V21 Update 10

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